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  1. You come again next year and I’ll make sure we have tons of sheets and materials for another fort. So no one has to lose their sheets on the bed. I’ll bring pillows too for both nights since I’ll be working Friday and Saturday. 😉 And I’ll totally come and hang in your con room a bit while getting smashed for my shifts again in the video room.

  2. The blanket fort was awesome. Definitely need to make it a tradition and do it bigger and better next year.

    And what happens in the Dead Lantern room party stays in the Dead Lantern room party!

  3. I totally am going to try and make that a tradition. I’m going to see if I can wrestle away some of the control, pick the movies from 12 to whenever my shift is done and have the first hour be for blanket fort making only! Thanks for the idea! In case you didn’t know, the rumors of the blanket fort hit the parties and people were leaving the parties to get a glimpse of it. 😉 Ones that weren’t even bringing me drinks. Lol…will you help build the fort next year if I can talk them into letting us do it again?

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