Finished Izzy 11×17 mini poster

Big thanks to Charlie Cody and TJ Roe for putting together our movie poster. It looks fantastic!

Please visit Charlie Cody’s deviantART page for more awesome artwork and check out his webcomic Family Dies. And of course, visit T.J. Roe at

We will be doing a limited printing of these, the size of which will be 11×17. We’re not exactly sure how much they will cost as we are still looking into how much it will cost to print up these sweet posters. Like everything we sell, we’ll make them as affordable (cheap) as we possibly can so that you can get one. Plus, all proceeds from the poster sales go to the Izzy budget to help us make it even gorier!

No timetable on these though we hope to have a bunch printed before Horror on the Boulevard in October. Anybody who wants to be on the pre-order list should send us an e-mail in order to reserve your copy. Also let us know if you’d like it signed and we’ll make a note of that as well.

Listen to Splattercast 292 tomorrow for more details on how this poster was created and how you can get your hands on one.




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  1. No, we have a finished poster and you can get on the pre-order list if you would like one. Proceeds do go into the movie making fund, but we are not asking for pledges or donations for a yet to be completed film project.

    Selling finished work does not equal “PRESELLING an item”.

  2. It clearly says Pre-Order. Which means you’re taking PRE-ORDERS to put money into your movies. thus you are preselling items to fund a yet to be finished product. Wow. Simple logic there.

  3. The “Pre-Order” list is because we’re only going to be printing a super small amount of these and we know there is a high interest from listeners and fans. For your money, you’ll get an immediate, physical item. Where we decide to put that money is irrelevant to the purchaser getting a physical thing.

    And, one key difference: We’re not taking money from these “Pre-Orders”. We are simply putting people on a list so that when the posters are printed, they get first dibs at buying. This isn’t “Give us money right now and eventually, sometime down the road, maybe, possibly, you might see something in return.”

  4. I’m fine with the fact that you are preselling posters to raise money for your movie. Just admit that it’s not any different than what people do with Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Admit it.

  5. Preselling implies that we are taking money from our listeners before giving them a physical product. Which is not what we are doing at all. We will sell when we have an actual product to ship.


    You understand the difference, right? Kickstarter sells an idea; a concept of something (Hey, I have this idea for a movie!) and has to entice people with the promise of gifts down the road (Hey, give me money and in 8 months you’ll get a dvd!). We are selling a physical product which you get immediately that is rad in it’s own right completely separate from the movie itself.

    People aren’t signing up for the poster because they want to fund Isabelle. They are signing up because they want THE POSTER. Because it’s awesome and they want THAT.

    So no, I will not admit that it’s the same. Because it’s not the same thing at all.

    Agree to disagree and let it go, dude.

  6. Spoken like a man who knows he has lost the debate.

    We’re operating on a higher intellectual level. Nuff said.

  7. So you’re saying that going to a store and buying a soda is just like using kickstarter? Do you hand them money and come back 4 months later to get your drink?

    That doesn’t sound anything like selling a printed poster to someone who wants one. If we didn’t use the money for Issabelle and instead used it to buy new shoes, would that somehow change the transaction?

  8. I have a cookie store. I make delicious chocolate chip cookies. I want to make some cherry nut bread. Bryan comes into my store and buys all my delicious cookies.


    Makes total sense. If you’re a tool.

  9. Apparently, Capitalism itself is just one big Kickstarter campaign.

    Mind blown.

    In other news, thanks to everyone who has signed up for a poster so far!

  10. I realized today that what you’re doing is even worse than a kickstarter campaign. Using Mat’s Cookie Store analogy.

    So you haven’t finished building the cookie store yet but have offered people a chance to buy an advertisement to your store to use that money to finish building your store. Basically saying “Hey guys we haven’t finished the store yet but we’ll sell you this paper cookie so we can finish building the store. Then once it’s built we whole heartily invite you to come in and spend MORE money on buying actual cookies even though you already gave us money for the paper cookies we had before.”

    Man. Just suckering those people in.

    And now that I win I’ll say, Man that poster looks awesome. Put me down for a preorder as well.

  11. Well, no, because your argument would be based on a premise that the store would NEVER be built without the advertisement. The store is being built regardless of the “paper cookie”.

    Oh, and there’s this radical concept at play: two completely different products. But again, it’s over your head. Which is cool, some people just aren’t equipped to get it.

    I win.

  12. I agree with Mat on this one. Offering a product, selling it and then using the profits from that endeavor to fund another one is not the same as asking for money to fund a product.

    They aren’t asking for money to produce the posters, just asking how many people are interested in having one, so they can get an idea of how many to print and to make sure to save one for those that do wish to buy one once they are printed.

    I also have no problem with people using kickstarter. It’s a way for customers to get something they actually wish to own that may never get made if they didn’t support it.

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