The Dark Around Your Heart

Izzy is nearing the finish line, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about our next movie! I’ve spent a long time writing what I think is the coolest story I’ve done. Part of the reason we started Izzy this summer was because I wasn’t ready with the script for this and I wanted us to at least get something done. It just so happened that a lot of people enjoyed the Izzy script so we might as well, right! But now that the main principal photography of Izzy is fairly close to being completed, I’m beginning to plan a bit for things next year. We’re not holding auditions for this until later this fall, but I wanted to put it out there so area actors and crew members will know that something rad is coming their way soon. I’ve posted a Craigslist notice detailing a few of the characters and locations we’re looking for.

There will be curves, guns, and smoking. Lots of smoking.

If you are an area actor or potential crew member looking to get in on this project early, just shoot us a message via the CL ad and we’ll get you more details.




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  1. Interested in acting roles. Keep me posted. Professional with credits . In NYC will send pic and resume upon return . Good luck.

  2. I emailed you mat from craigslist and decided to check out the website and seen this. just wanted to let you know i am difenatly interested 🙂 I am a horror freak 😉

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