Game with us on Xbox Friday and Saturday night!

Dead Lantern returns to Xbox Live for a weekend of gaming awesomness!

Friday night, beginning at 10pm central time, we’ll be playing Left 4 Dead 2 long into the early morning hours. Join us for zombie killing mayhem. Man up and get the Cold Stream DLC so you can play all the original L4D maps with us.

Then, Saturday night we’ll be playing poker in Red Dead Redemption while recording a Motherfuckin’ Round Table of MAN! Join Elgoro of Talk Without Rhythm, Ronin of Sleepy Cast, Professor Bleak,  Steve and I if you can handle immature debates about boobs and random gross out stories. Killing zombies, playing poker, and talking about boobs….what’s not to like?

We’ll be recording via Skype, so just shoot us a message if you want to be added to our contact list and go here to add our gamertags.




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  1. I’ve been getting on Left 4 Dead every night for the past month or so. I forgot how fun this game could be when you have a smart team on your back. Only problem is I still don’t have any of the DLC maps to join you guys..

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