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  1. I like the Movie – and the Music from Alan Silvestri is FANTASTIC (some Elements from the Score reappear in SilvestriĀ“s Score for THE AVENGERS)! Is it just me or are your Podcasts getting lazier and lazier???

  2. @Stevie-Poo – Part 2 isn’t bad but part 1 is my all time favourite. Now that you mentioned all 5 weren;t covered in a single cast I’m tempted to do it on my show now.
    In regards to your question, I’ll admit I don’t weekly listen to the show anymore, I prefer to wait for 2 to 3 eps and marathon them.
    I didn’t think anything was wrong with this episode, it was an ok listen but I do miss the theme eps which originally got my hooked onto the show.

  3. Agreed. May be time for a break. Come back when it’s fresh again. Bring our A game. At least our C+ game. I’ll settle for C+.

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