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  1. “Hello Brian!” Wahey, thanks for the mention! It feels really strange, I keep wanting to join in and then realising that I’m just a lowly listener…I guess that means you are doing your job well!
    Good call on the generic pan pipe theme The X-Files tended to use on episodes that are slightly ‘exotic’ in content. I always know immediately what kind of episode it will be from that jarring melody eg. I knew instantly from the opening notes of ‘Tescos of Cats’ that it was going to be a terrible episode. Rule of thumb- panpipes = disappointing filler episode. It’s a shame as well since after the misstep of Herrenvolk, XF appeared to find its footing again with Home…I think Unruhe picks up the pace significantly from what I remember. Good ol’ Vince Gilligan.

  2. P.S. Thanks (no thanks, ha) for the discussion of bacterial foot infections, the terrifying image of which more than made up for s bland XF episode. Just not in a good way.

  3. Hey Evangeline, cheers for the comments and for listening. Glad we’re not the only ones to feel that way about the music, and glad the podcast content made up for the episode itself.

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