Check out the Shockfest Film Festival

Matt from the Shockfest Film Festival passed along some info about his rad sounding event. Check out the press release below and be sure to stop by the website!

Shockfest is a horror filmfestival/mini convention/haunted house all wrapped up in a neat little package.  Durring the day we are a comedy/comic festival titled Mockfest, where we honor all things comedy and graphic novella.  But during the nighttime  our festival becomes something much more frightening.  Mockfest and Shockfest take place on November 16th through 18th.  This will be our 7th year and we are hosting the event at Raleigh Studios (in Hollywood) for the 3rd year.  We are hosting a Zombie Walk on Saturday night, which doubles as a Charity. On opening night, we will be focusing on creating a Silver Screen/Golden Age Horror Hollywood theme.  This will include magicians entertaining our guests, gothic and haunting ambiance and a classy red carpet.  We are known in the past for our grungy and 80’s indie drive-through environment and Saturday we will be going back to this familiar theme, with monsters and butchers walking around the outside of our festival.  We have tables and booths for vendors, authors, actors and film makers to sell their wares and/or autographs to the public.  Saturday we will have a Haunted Attraction at our venue.  Last year this Haunted Attraction brought the house down and I am glad to say it is not only being revived, but remodeled.

As the month of October goes on, we will be adding more horror icons to our guest list.  Currently, we have Ed Gale (Child’s Play, Phantasm, Polar Express and Spaceballs) and Brinke Stevens (The Slumber Party Massacre, Sorority Babes at the Slime Bowl-O-Rama, Jack-O) and Many more coming before the Halloween month is out.  Check in at for updates.



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