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And the Oscar goes to...
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The Ethicacy of The Flappening
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Never Again
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Johnny Cash and Syphilis

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DeadTrax 26

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Splattercast 305


Izzy demo reel (maybe nsfw)

A short demo reel of Izzy footage. Hopefully you’ll get to see the full movie next year! HOPEFULLY, lol.

Splattercast 304

Download Skyfall, Wreck It Ralph, and The Tall Man

Frightfest Allnighter 2012: review

The weekend after Halloween 2012 saw the second annual Film4 Frightfest allnighter at Watershed in Bristol. I was in attendance with some friends, in my newly acquired Freddy Krueger outfit. Here is a rundown of the movies shown (synopses from Watershed web site): Excision (2012) dir: Richard Bates Jr “Alienated teen Paulette (Annalynne McCord) fantasises […]