Screenshots for MIDNIGHT KISS

We shot MIDNIGHT KISS today, the next installment of Shivers Down Your Spine. If all goes well, you’ll be seeing it here on Tuesday. It stars Ellen Gould, Chris Muckey, and our very own Steve Eaton. Big props to Jeff and Tina for letting us use their home and to Deejay and Heather for the hard work and FX, respectively. ONLY 2 DAYS UNTIL YOU SEE STEVE DIE!

Check out our tumblr page for more screenshots.

A BAD HEART wraps!

A BAD HEART, our Valentine’s Day SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE episode has wrapped! It was a long, grueling shoot (isn’t it always?) but we soldiered through a 16 hour day and having to deal with the Whore Cheese to get it knocked out!

A gigantic thank you to our actors: Christina Olson, Dailen Cowden, Mark Popejoy. Christina was the ultimate trooper, being forced to walk around in the cold and having to lay in pools of blood for hours on end while I get ALL THE ANGLES. Dailen was a hilarious pro who threw down some phat rhymes and dope beats (and who gave it to the Whore Cheese). And Mark Popejoy? Wow, Mark was a madman in front of the camera, and a jack of all trades behind it. All three of you were amazing people who we hope to work with again in the future. Lots of love all around!

And of course, Steve and Deejay, who once again did anything and everything to make this all come together. Much love.

Full report on the next Splattercast. And now? I sleep. For the love of Angel Sanchez, I sleep.

Shivers Down Your Spine returns on Valentine’s Day!

Sheesh, it’s been a while!

Shivers Down Your Spine will be making its return come Valentine’s Day, nearly a full year since CONVENTION GIRL premiered. Why has it taken so long to get a new episode? Well, for starters, we spent the entire summer and into the fall filming ISABELLE, our feature length slasher. That sucked in all of our available weekends. It didn’t help that I moved to Texas for 2 months in the middle of it. But hey, we’re back and have some rad stuff planned for you in the coming months. Be sure to go back and check out DEADBOLT, SLEEP TIGHT, BAIT, and CONVENTION GIRL to refresh your memory on how everything connects!

The newest film, A BAD HEART, was written by Tony Crumpton (Professor Bleak) and, we are excited and happy to announce, stars local actors Christina Olson, Dailen Cowden, and Mark Popejoy. It involves a woman who gets more than she bargained for on a Valentine’s Day blind date. We’ll be shooting the film on the 22nd of this month and we are stoked to work with these talented, rad people. In addition, Heather Waite will be lending her talents as an FX artist because, well, there will be blood! 🙂

On top of that, while planning to finish up IZZY shooting in the spring, we are busy with pre-production on THE DARK AROUND YOUR HEART, our horror film noir that we hope to begin shooting next summer. I’ve set up a Facebook group where you can follow all of the pre-production and discuss the creation of that particular flick. Busy, busy, busy! I’m sure you’ll hear all sorts of stuff about the making of these films on upcoming Splattercast episodes. So keep checking back and we thank you for your support!