The Whirlpool of Night Casting Announcement!

Dead Lantern Pictures is pleased to announce the cast of THE WHIRLPOOL OF NIGHT, an all-female film noir that will be shot on July 30th and July 31st and will be part of CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE, the sequel to the critically acclaimed indie horror anthology SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE!

Clockwise from top left

  • Hannah Dolezal as NORA
  • Julia Farrell as VERONICA
  • Crystal Milani as LILITH
  • Michelle Schrage as BRIGID
  • Sara Demanett as ENFORCER #3
  • Lyra Hubl as ENFORCER #2
  • Heather Geerdes as ENFORCER #1
  • Michell Blodgett as ENFORCER #4
  • Kayla Moore as MALLORY