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STEVECASTOur good buddy Steve, star of such Dead Lantern productions such as THE GRAND HORROR, OUTPOST DOOM, THE EYES OF ISABELLE, and SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE left the Splattercast many moons ago when we gave up caring about quality and every episode sounded like a clogged toilet after a hard fat shit (which continues unabated, and unclogged to this day).  But once in a while he returns for “Stevecast”.  What is this special Splattercast?

Well, Steve came up with an interesting format wherein we watch 10 minutes of a movie we’ve never seen, break to discuss it, and then keep doing that over and over until the end of the film. There are several “rules” that we must follow which you can parse out as you listen to the show. Throw in some nifty music, some sound fx, and snazz up the overall quality and voila, you have Stevecast.  Recently, it has been decided that we shall get progressively more drunk as we do it. And we thought he cared about quality.

Stevecast happens on the last Friday of each month and is rotatingly hosted by Rachel, Mat, and Steve depending on who selected the film. We invite you to listen to these podcasts either as running commentary tracks as you watch the films yourselves, or play along every 10 minutes. Maybe, if you are a cool person, we’ll let you on if you contact us through the Splattercast Facebook Page. Or maybe we won’t. Never can tell. We’re extremely fickle.


Next Stevecast episode, Friday, October 30th!

Splattercast #450


Splattercast #450 is up: Download mp3 | Subscribe via RSS | Subscribe via iTunes

We’re joined this week by Julie of 19 Nocturne Boulevard as well as Dorothy Booraem and Chad Haufschild of Unfiltered Entertainment as they discuss the creation of their new short film NO EXIT, which is world premiering at the Prairie Lights Film Festival next month.