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Splattercast Trivia League


The Splattercast Trivia League is here! Mat and Rachel throw your favorite Dead Lantern and podcast personalities into the ring to watch them fight in an epic movie trivia challenge to get the inaugural Splattercup!

Each Splattercast, a new trivia segment will be attached (Subscribe to the feed here). But, you can always come here to download the individual segments, find the latest battles, rankings, and information about who is on tap. Each player will battle throughout a regular season to make it to the inaugural 6 man SplatterCup tournament!

This show is modeled off of the Schmoedown Challenges on Youtube with some modifications to make it work for a podcasting format. We encourage you to check them out and subscribe to the Schmoes Know and Collider youtube channels to get those videos each week. We’re big fans of the Schmoes, so go check them out!

Latest Battles!


Download Now: Benito versus Deejay for the final spot in the Splattercup Tournament!


Previous Episodes



Download Now: Rachel vs. Benito for a ticket to the 6 player tournament!



Download Now: TJ versus Deejay in a battle to have a winning record!



Download Now!: A match over a month in the making. Can Josh finally get a win? Will Rachel stay undefeated?



Download Now: Number one ranked ElGoro takes on his Round Table compatriot, Tony for a ticket to the 6 player tournament!



Download Now: Benito takes on Long Necked Monster Mark in an epic clash!


Download Now: Megan, star of SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE, goes up against local movie legend Eric Moyer!


Download Now: These week, two undefeated friends go up against each other for the right to get to 2-0!


Download Now: It’s here. Tony vs. Jodie for the right to challenge El Goro!


Download Now: Ronin has challenged Deejay so that he can get an “easy win”. Deejay has vowed to “step on Ronin’s throat”….who ya got?!


Download Now: It’s #1 vs. #2 in this huge matchup! T.J. versus El Goro!


Download Now: It’s Director Joshua Weixelman versus his acting legend, Mark Popejoy in a battle to determine local film supremacy. Long Necked Monsters!



Download Now: The two talented and beautiful ladies of the league do a trivia pillow fight for the Male Patriarchy of the Splattercast!


Download Now: Special FX artist and filmmaker Benito Garcia goes up against the cocksure legendary horror podhost Jeff of the Splattercast!


Download Now:  Two high school friends and fellow Splattercast/Dead Lantern founders go up against each other to determine who is the smartest trivia player around!


Download Now: This week, two compatriots from the Motherfuckin’ Round Table of MAN square off as Ronin from The Sleepy Cast and ElGoro of Talk Without Rhythm podcast battle!


Download Now: Our inaugural episode kicks off with two of the strongest competitors, Splattercast host T.J. and Dead Lantern writer Tony!




Casting announcement for THE DITCH!

Dead Lantern Pictures is pleased to announce the cast of THE DITCH, a creepy horror tale that will be shot on August 1st and 2nd and will be part of CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE, the sequel to the critically acclaimed indie horror anthology SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE!

From left:

  • Nick Lemay as THE MAN
  • Sydney Readman as THE WOMAN
  • Kevin A Casey as THE DRIVER

The short is co-written by Mathew Kister and Alyssa Davison based on a story by Peter O’Brien.

The Whirlpool of Night Casting Announcement!

Dead Lantern Pictures is pleased to announce the cast of THE WHIRLPOOL OF NIGHT, an all-female film noir that will be shot on July 30th and July 31st and will be part of CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE, the sequel to the critically acclaimed indie horror anthology SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE!

Clockwise from top left

  • Hannah Dolezal as NORA
  • Julia Farrell as VERONICA
  • Crystal Milani as LILITH
  • Michelle Schrage as BRIGID
  • Sara Demanett as ENFORCER #3
  • Lyra Hubl as ENFORCER #2
  • Heather Geerdes as ENFORCER #1
  • Michell Blodgett as ENFORCER #4
  • Kayla Moore as MALLORY

Splattercast 500

Splattercast 500: Somehow we made it to 500 episodes. And just because, we drone on and on for hours before getting to the Championship match of the inaugural Splattercup between Elgoro and Rachel!

Huge thanks to all of the listeners over the years who have supported us and who contributed diabolical trivia questions to our competitors.

And don’t forget to rent or buy SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE, now available on Amazon!