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Chills Down Your Spine 11×17 Movie Poster – $10

DVD – Shivers Down Your Spine – $10 – LIMITED SUPPLY

  • DVD comes with
    • Bonus short film MIDNIGHT KISS w/ Commentary
    • 5 cudio commentary Tracks discussing the creation of the film

DVD – Outpost Doom – $10 – LIMITED SUPPLY

  • A murder mystery in a barn with monsters! A group of people hole up in a barn during an ominous thunderstorm to escape a giant tentacled monster and one of them is not quite what they seem!
    • DVD Special Features
      • “To Peoria and Beyond: Outpost Doom at the Drunken Zombie Film Fest” documentary
      • Deleted Scenes
      • Photo Gallery
      • 2 audio commentary tracks discussing the creation of the film

Bluray – Flat Water Terrors Volume 1 – $20

  • Flat Water Terrors is an anthology film featuring a collection of 6 short films by Nebraska horror filmmakers! MIDNIGHT KISS by Aaron Gum, NO EXIT by Dorothy Booraem, LEGEND OF PINE ACRES by Chad Bishoff, EMILY by Joshua Weixelman and Tyler Schmid, A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY by Mathew Kister, and ONE MORE TIME FOR THE CAMERA by Nate Coulombe! All proceeds from the sale of the film will go to support two local Nebraska film organizations, Nebraska Independent Film Projects (NIFP) and the Eastern Nebraska Film Office.
    • Bluray Special Featurs
      • Behind the Scenes
      • Commentary Tracks
      • Outtakes

Check out THE GRAND HORROR and OUTPOST DOOM, our first two feature films for free on Youtube!