Dead Lantern Events

Game with us on Xbox Friday and Saturday night!

Dead Lantern returns to Xbox Live for a weekend of gaming awesomness!

Friday night, beginning at 10pm central time, we’ll be playing Left 4 Dead 2 long into the early morning hours. Join us for zombie killing mayhem. Man up and get the Cold Stream DLC so you can play all the original L4D maps with us.

Then, Saturday night we’ll be playing poker in Red Dead Redemption while recording a Motherfuckin’ Round Table of MAN! Join Elgoro of Talk Without Rhythm, Ronin of Sleepy Cast, Professor Bleak,  Steve and I if you can handle immature debates about boobs and random gross out stories. Killing zombies, playing poker, and talking about boobs….what’s not to like?

We’ll be recording via Skype, so just shoot us a message if you want to be added to our contact list and go here to add our gamertags.


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If you look to your right you can see the form box to sign up for the Dead Lantern Newsletter. Full details as to what you can expect to get by signing up are listed here.

Long story short, we’ll send out an e-mail once a month letting you know all about the latest podcasts which will include audio downloads not available on the site, the upcoming events we have scheduled, and most exciting, you’ll get exclusive updates and content from ISABELLE including rough cuts of scene edits and behind the scenes video. We’ll also be keeping you updated on the pre-production of our next movie, THE DARK AROUND YOUR HEART, and letting you in on all acting notices for the SHIVERS shorts.

1 e-mail per month. More than that, and you have my permission to unsubscribe 🙂

The Final DL Left 4 Dead Weekend

Deejay was the first to axe Xbox live. Tony is now gone. And now Jeff and I are mercy killing it. Steve, for now, is the last remaining holdout but who knows how long that will last.

Because of this, we’re going out in a blaze of zombie killing glory. Next weekend we will be conducting our last Left 4 Dead weekend. What was once a regular occurrence has lapsed into rarity. So what better way to send off our Xbox Live gaming days than with an epic marathon weekend! Beginning around 8pm central time on both days, we’ll be playing Left 4 Dead 2 and killing until we pass out.

Any and all listeners who want to game with us are welcome. Game for a few minutes. Game for a few hours. Whatever you’d like. Watch us destroy Expert campaigns or wreck your team in Versus (Nobody can defeat us. Gauntlet, thrown). In fact, if any listener team formed can beat us in a Versus match, not only will we give you some rad prizes, but we’ll publicly declare a statement of humble pie on the Splattercast! But you won’t, because we’ll destroy you. It’s gonna be glorious.

Our gamertags are: DeadLanternMat and Steviepoo83. You can also find more here.

Or, RSVP to the facebook event page.

See ya next weekend!


Some updates regarding the next couple of months

First off, I want to thank all of the Dead Lantern crew for putting in so much work this year. Deejay, Jeff, Steve, Tony, Jo, Lauren, Chris, Bryan, Ronin and all the other people who have helped us create this massive pod empire! 🙂 It’s very much appreciated. Watching movies and doing multiple podcasts is crazy time consuming and all of you do it without complaint. You’ve all helped Dead Lantern become bigger than ever this year and it couldn’t have been done without you. So pat yourselves on the back, you deserve it!

I also want to give special thanks to our film crew. Deejay, Steve, Spooky, Jeremy, T.J., Ali, Jenny, Tina,  Brady, Jeff, Bryan, Tony, and the rest who will no doubt be doing a lot of hours for very little in return over the coming months. Filmmaking is even more time consuming than podcasting and I appreciate everything all of them do. We have a lot of cool stuff planned to show you (an Ancient Rome horror short is coming for Shivers Down Your Spine!) and we’re all very excited. And yeah, there might be another feature length happening here soon…

And of course, all you listeners. We’ve made some great friendships over the past couple of years and we’re all very humbled that you guys and gals keep coming back to listen to our shitty little podcasts and support our dopey horror movies. You guys make it all worth it and we’re excited to bring you all some rad content in 2012.

Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, I did want to update you all on a few changes happening over the next couple of months.

  • Cold Case Cinema will not be scheduling any new shows for November and December. We’re taking a much deserved two month break for the Holidays. We have 7 episodes in the can so you’ll still get new CCC’s from now until the new year, but we won’t be covering any current TCM flicks until January. Please feel free to continue to send in feedback, though! We’ll get to it in January.
  • The Round Table will also be taking a bit of a break. This is the most intensive cast to produce because we have to edit down 5+ hours of content to around 90 minutes. It’s just too tough to try to get those out weekly, so they’ll be released sporadically. Maybe once a month. You’ll probably see one more before the new year.
  • Dead Trax will probably continue to be posted (remember, it’s not in the feed) though maybe not consistently weekly like it has been. Though look for our upcoming Commando commentary track!
  • Splattercast will continue as normal. We might be off next week for Halloween but we’ll be back in full force to do Noirvember. And don’t forget Deejcember, a month of shows programmed entirely by Deejay!
  • Due to recent events, the first episode of SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE might not be out on Halloween as planned. If not, don’t fear because it will be posted very soon! We promise!
  • And last but not least, I’m gonna be taking a break from site blogging for the next couple months. I’ll still post when new podcasts are uploaded but I’m very keen on just taking as much of a break from Dead Lantern as I can for awhile. Sort of a mini-vacation for the holidays. So don’t think we’re quitting, just things might be a tad quieter around here beginning in November.

So once again, thanks to everyone who has made this year a big success for Dead Lantern. There’s a ton of great stuff coming in 2012, including more episodes of SHIVERS, the 2012 Splatcademy Awards, and possibly a new feature length movie! And of course, more of the podcasts that you’ve come to tolerate.

We appreciate all of your support.

Noirvember is coming to the Splattercast

Just a reminder that the Splattercast will be taking a sabbatical from horror next month to cover film noir. We did this last year and it was a refreshing change of pace and was well received. So of course, we’re doing it again. The tentative list of films we’ll be covering include: SUNSET BOULEVARD, NIGHTMARE ALLEY, OUT OF THE PAST, NIGHT AND THE CITY, CRISS CROSS, THE KILLING, THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, and KEY LARGO.

If there is a film you are especially interested in having us cover, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll stick it on the list.


See Outpost Doom on the big screen in Atlanta, Georgia!


We’re very excited to announce that Outpost Doom will be playing at the Horror Quest Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, October 22nd!

Horror Quest is a 100% free film festival. It costs nothing to see over 20 movies throughout the course of the week. We encourage any of our listeners in the Atlanta area to check out some of the independent films that will be screening. And of course, please visit the Horror Quest website for the full screening schedule.


We’ll gonna be at Flashback Weekend!

Don’t forget everybody, we’re gonna have a booth at Flashback Weekend in Chicago Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! We’ll be selling Outpost Doom DVD’s as well as DeadLantern and Outpost Doom t-shirts. Stop by and say hello!

We’ll also be wandering around Wizard World off and on throughout the weekend so if you see us, stop us and we’ll take your picture!

As usual, we’ll post updates during the weekend, especially screenshots of CONVENTION GIRL, the short we’re shooting with TJ, Ali, and Steve! Keep checking back!

The Best Splattercast Episodes?

We’d like to know what some of your favorite Splattercast episodes are. Was it Saw-a-Thon? Was it a franchise episode like Puppet Master or The Howling? Was it Noivermber? Or maybe the Breast Cancer Awareness episode? Was it some random nondescript episode that happened to have something hilarious in it? We’d like to hear from you.

E-mail us at

I’ve also bumped up an old forum thread if you want to discuss stuff there.