Dead Lantern Events

DeadLantern at Wizard World Chicago!


We’re gonna be in Chicago next month and are attending Wizard World Chicago as press. We’ll be recording podcast material as well as photos and video of the event. If you see us wandering around with our cameras and audio gear, come up and say hello! We’ll be posting convention videos and audio on the subsequent Splattercast.

The Wizard World lineup looks pretty rad. An Evil Dead reunion featuring Bruce Campbell.  Christopher Lloyd and Pam Grier will be there. The 5 Willy Wonka kids. A ton of people from the “Whedonverse” like James Marsters, Sean Mahr, Morena Baccarin (vavavoom) and more. It looks like a pretty fantastic time. You can click here to see the program schedule.

Be prepared to see a lot of coverage that weekend on DL!

Upcoming Splattercast Episodes

We’ve gotten into a bad habit of not planning ahead for our Splattercast episodes. It’s been a lot of random talk for the past few weeks (not that there is anything wrong with that). So I went ahead and programmed all of the Splattercast episodes for the rest of the year. Keep in mind, we’ll probably talk about lots of additional films (for example, we’ll definitely talk about The Thing prequel when it’s released, there will be more noir films added, etc.) but these will be the definite movies we touch on. So you’ll always know what is coming up. We’ve got everything from silent Lon Chaney flicks to movies about puking into other people’s skulls. It should be a fun time. Eventually, this post will be buried so I want to direct everyone to the Dead Lantern Calendar that will always have the upcoming episodes and what we’ll be covering (along with our convention schedule, filming events, etc.). If you just want to know now, full schedule after the jump.

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The Magnetic Monster live viewing this Thursday!

Just a reminder that this Thursday, at 10pm central time, Cold Case Cinema will be doing a live podcast via Skype while watching The Magnetic Monster on Turner Classic Movies.

Join Bryan and Tony and watch the film with them while they do their live podcast commentary. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. If you are interested in participating, send your Skype handle to and we’ll make sure you get added to our Skype contact lists. You can also check out all the details on our Facebook Event page.

Thanks! And enjoy The Magnetic Monster!

Mortal Kombat Friday

Now that Steve has Mortal Kombat, he wants to play it every Friday night. I think MK has now replaced our normal Red Dead gaming on Friday’s. And since it’s Friday, Steve is putting out a call to all fighters of Earth Realm.

Odds are, we’ll be on Xbox tonight killing each other. You can find our gamertags here.

Can you defeat Quan Chi (me) and Stryker (Steve)?



Netflix Movie Party: Alien vs. Ninja (Friday, April 15th, 10pm cst)

The Netflix Movie Party returns!

We’ve slacked off a bit on these but I just couldn’t resist setting one up when I saw ALIEN VS. NINJA on Netflix Instant. We’ll be doing this next Friday, April 15th at 10pm central time on Xbox Live. Be sure to check the DeadLantern Calendar for full info on all our upcoming podcasts, events, and convention appearances!

Dead Lantern 2011 Convention Lineup

Ah, horror conventions. Tons of great people, lots of celebrity has beens (I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU, CHARLES), and of course, Outpost Doom on DVD. We’ve done a bunch of conventions this year, but we ain’t stopping until we sell all these damn DVD’s! And then, we’ll never do another printing. Ever. So get them while they last! Here’s a list of conventions we’ll be attending this year. More may be added, but if you are planning on attending any of these, stop by our booth and say hello.

Contagion Outbreak (Omaha, June 10-12th): We actually didn’t know about this convention until we met one of the dudes who runs it at Horrorhound. I think Steve is going to stalk Jewel Staite, I’m not sure. In any event, it’ll be nice to attend a convention that isn’t a 20+ hour roundtrip. Plus, we can use the “support Nebraska filmmakers” shpiel in our sales pitch. Guilt trip people into buying the movie!

Days of the Dead (Indianapolis, July 1-3rd): This might be the last time we ever go to Indianapolis. It’s just such a long drive for us and I don’t care to ever go to HHW again (Get over it, crybabies). But I’m super excited for this convention. Not only are we going to sell OD, but we’re gonna be doing some live Splattercast’ing from the booth, hopefully with some celebs in tow. I’m hoping we can get Gary Busey and Deejay in the same vicinity because something magical is bound to happen. There are also rumors of a potential Thing prequel screening. And hey, they actually put us on their site! Bonus: Jackie and Ali are coming. Booth babes, yo! And Mr. Viper Room himself, T.J., will attend if he’s still in Nebraska and not touring the world as a rock star.  We’ll be promoting this on the Splattercast in upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

Flashback Weekend (Chicago, August 12th-14th): Back to Flashback! Last year, we had a super great time hanging out at Yogi’s cabin, meeting Bruce Campbell (and “CHARLES FUCKING BAND”- Jackie), and enjoying Evil Dead on the Midway Drive-In screen. This year, the convention moves back to Chicago (Rosemont) in a traditional con setting. Last year, we sold out of OD DVD’s in like  90 minutes. We’ll force Deejay to bring more stock this time. Hopefully, we’ll have time for Ali to show us the sights in Chicago because that town is frackin’ awesome. Love me some Chicago. We’ll try our best to get Robert Englund and Danielle Harris to pose with Outpost Doom. And of course, Jackie is planning on coming to this one as well!

Wizard World Chicago (Chicago, August 11th-14th): This is, literally, happening at the same time as Flashback directly across the street at another convention hall. We aren’t going to have a booth here but rather we’ll be wandering around as press covering the event. Spooky McPhee is actually planning on coming with us this time and Wizard World might be enough to entice Jeff to another convention. Sort of ironic that Bruce Campbell is going to be at a comic convention instead of Flashback. Anyway, this entire weekend looks awesome and keep it tuned to the site for pics, video, and audio updates.

Crypticon Kansas City (Kansas City, August 26th-28th): Going to this one simply because it’s close and it’s an untapped market. They don’t even have an official site up yet. I hear Alex Vincent is going to be there. I should have him sign “Dolls Sucks!” on my Child’s Play DVD. Once again, we’ll be boothing the shit out of this con. Stop by and say hello!

Anime Nebraskon (Omaha, November 4th-6th): I don’t know if we’re getting a booth for this or just going as press. I can’t stand Anime as a medium but I enjoyed the hell out of the con last year. You can check out our video of the con right here. The mark of a successful convention is when it can make someone who doesn’t care about anything at it interested and have a good time (I’m looking at you, BoreHound Weekend). Anime Nebraskon did that for me and I’m really looking forward to going back. Plus, hot chicks scantily clad. Duh.


So those are the cons we’ve got lined up this year. We might add more depending on how close they are/if they interfere with filming. I’m pretty sure next year will be light on convention attending so please stop by our booth and say hello! And buy a copy of Outpost Doom on DVD, of course. We’ll lick the package for you so you can have our DNA, free of charge!

P.S. We are looking into a second run of Outpost Doom and Dead Lantern t-shirts. No promises, but odds are good that we’ll have more for Days of the Dead and Flashback. The catch is that you can only get them at the cons. Tough luck, Vaughn.

P.S.S. Did I mention that Mirror/rorriM is being finished? Oh ye of little faith.