Dead Lantern Events

Horrorhound Weekend!

Horrorhound has been a smashing success for us so far. We’re unloading cases of DVD’s and we’ve met a ton of awesome people. We’ll be posting more pics early next week once we’re back in Nebraska, but here’s one from a beautiful girl who not only bought Outpost Doom, but picked up a rad t-shirt and decided to wear it during the convention. Awesome!

Check back on Monday for a bunch of photos of swell people who bought Outpost Doom!

Dead Lantern Tourney Challenge

This was super last minute, but we’ve got a few people in the DL tourney challenge. You have until noon today, when the first games begin to fill out a bracket and compete against us. You don’t need to register or anything as you can login into ESPN’s site using facebook. Don’t feel intimidated if you don’t follow basketball, part of the charm of the tournament is that anybody can fill out a bracket and have a chance because there are so many upsets. Just remember, 1 seeds are the best teams, 16 seeds are the worst.

If you join, you’re guaranteed to beat Bryan of Drunken Zombie who apparently picked Wofford to win the title 🙂

Good luck!

Tomorrow is the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards!

Now that Hollywood has done their little thing, it’s time for the real awards to be given out! The Splatcademy Awards are right around the corner and we’ll be celebrating the best horror films, scenes, boobs, and deaths that our wonderful genre had to offer in 2010 with some of our favorite horror podcasters! We’ll be posting the show sometime on Tuesday, March 1st (got some last minutes goodies to add to the show that needs a bit more post-production work). Please be sure to use the DeadLantern RSS Feed or subscribe to us on iTunes to make sure you get Splattercast #218 downloaded to your respective audio listening device. And of course, once the show goes live, we’ll let you know here on the site.

In the meantime, while you nervously chew your nails wondering who took home the coveted Spooky for Best Film, Achievement in Breasts, Best Death Scene, and Best Horror Podcast (I’m looking at you, Vaughn), you can bide your time by listening to last year’s awards show!

Thanks again to all the fans who voted and the podcasts who participated and we’ll see you soon on the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards!

Outpost Doom and Attack of the Giant Leeches Double Bill

Our friends over at Drunken Zombie have been kind enough to select Outpost Doom as one of the films they are screening this month for their Deadly Double Feature. We’ll be shown alongside a cinematic giant: Attack of the Giant Leeches.

If you are in the Peoria/Chicago/General Illinois area, we encourage you to stop by, enjoy good company, and revel in bad movie cheese. For full info on the screening location/prices/etc., visit Drunken Zombie’s blog.

On behalf of everyone at DeadLantern as well as the cast and crew, I’d like to say thanks to the Drunken Zombie guys for showing our film, and thank Dave for a rad ass poster. Hope it’s a big success, guys!

DeadLantern’s Late Night Double Bill #2: In the Mouth of Event Horizon’s Madness

Every horror fan, at some point, finds him or herself wide awake late at night with the urge to make some popcorn or heat up some leftover pizza, grab an icy beverage, shut off the lights, and relax on the sofa for some genre fare. But how do you choose what to watch? Obviously you let the authoritative opinions of the Dead Lantern crew guide you! Late Night Double Bill is a series that will pair two entertaining horror flicks together for what is guaranteed to make a great viewing experience. Sometimes they’ll be scary, sometimes comedic, sometimes bizarre, but they’ll always be similar in spirit, tone, and feel.


  • Start Double Bill no earlier than 10pm.
  • Must be wide awake for both movies (Don’t do this if you’re tired)
  • Have your preferred snacks and beverages fully stocked.
  • All lights must be off, sound turned up, and both films must be viewed back-to-back.
  • Solo viewing is preferred, but max 2 if your significant other isn’t a tool.

Now, obtain the films, pick a night, and let us know what you thought of the selections! Speaking of selections, what did we pick this week?

In the Mouth of Madness (1994) d. John Carpenter

Also known as the Last Great John Carpenter Movie, Madness is the story of an insurance investigator named John Trent (Sam Neil) hired to look into the disappearance of famous horror novelist Sutter Cane. In search of Cane’s missing final novel, Trent happens upon the small town of Hobb’s End, sparsely populated with weird characters, creepy buildings, and unsettling paintings. As he investigates further he is forced to confront the possibility that he may, indeed be a part of the very novel he is trying to find.

This movie is so great. The concept is cool, the acting is fantastic (aside from Julie Carmen, who is insufferable), and the monsters are of a very Lovecraftian persuasion, which is always neat. Sutter Cane is very obviously a take on Stephen King, an immensely popular writer of pulp horror novels who is thrust into the spotlight when people begin going insane while reading his novels. It’s also got that “Can art make you kill” idea floating below the surface to give the movie some depth. All around fantastic. Unfortunately, John Carpenter was never seen again, possibly a victim of one of Sutter Cane’s novels.

Event Horizon (1997) d. Paul W.S. Anderson

I think of Paul W.S. Anderson as the mainstream Tobe Hooper of our generation. A guy who is, essentially, living off of one great movie (and no, I’m not talking Mortal Kombat, Jeff). Event Horizon is that great movie. The story is about the titular ship, once thought lost, which has reappeared after a number of years. A motley rescue crew led by Larry Fishburne and Sam Neill head out to make contact and find out just where the hell the ship has been all these years. Turns out, hell ain’t too far off.

Event Horizon perfectly captures the feel of what a horror science fiction film should be: claustrophobic, intense, and scary. Sam Neill is, of course, the common denominator in this double bill, and in both films he really shows that he can play a great lead (where have you gone, Sam? Where have you gone…Happy Town doesn’t count). True, the CG fx haven’t aged particularly well, but thankfully, this is a film that doesn’t use CG as a crutch. It exudes so much atmosphere and dread (that freakin’ black hole engine is nuts just on its own right), that it makes up for some iffy CG. Both of these films work well together in that they have their own freaky takes on hell and both films are anchored by fantastic casts.


Don’t forget, follow the above requirements, watch the flicks, and then e-mail us your thoughts, opinions, and experiences to win a special prize!

Double Bill #1: Seeding of a Ghost/Horror Rises from the Tomb

Caligula: A movie party or a Splattercast?

We attempted to watch Cyborg 3 last night for the Netflix Movie Party (I say “attempted” because we aborted (zing!) it 2/3rd’s into it to play poker in Read Dead Redemption). We had to because our first choice, Predator 2, was not available for group viewing. Screw the corporate dumbass who made that decision; that certain movies on Netflix will be inaccessible for group parties.

Anyways, Professor Bleak made the astute observation that Caligula, the infamous Bob Guccioni/Tinto Brass porno epic starring Malcolm McDowell, Peter O’Toole, and the insanely hot Helen Mirren (pictured above) is on Netflix Instant. The first though was “Oh my god we’ve got to watch this next week.” Of course, the one on Netflix is the “R” rated version, which cuts out all the hardcore porn elements that make Caligula such a fascinating piece of cinema in the first place.

So, I’m posing a question: Would you guys like to see the uncut Caligula, in all its fisting glory, covered on an upcoming Splattercast? Hell, we’ll even go all out and review Joe D’Amato’s sequel Caligula 2: The Untold Story just for giggles.

Or, the other option is to watch the R rated version, together, on Netflix. That’s certainly a different type of dynamic and can be a lot of fun. I’m in an ancient kind of mood now that Spartacus: Gods of the Arena is available on Netflix Instant each week. Ancient decadence FTW!