Dead Lantern Events

Splattercast @ HorrorHound Weekend

We’re planning on attending HorrorHound in March (barring we don’t get screwed over like we just did by Texas Frightmare Weekend).

The guest list kinda sucks, but we’ll be manning the Dead Lantern booth all weekend so stop by and say hello! Deejay, Steve, and myself will definitely make the trek. TJ and Ali might also be there as well. And who knows who else might show….

Splattercast #209: Remember “16 Stones”?

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Ali’s out with Strep Throat so we cobble together a random grab bag show to wrap up 2010. Enjoy, and have a safe and happy New Year! And a note from our forum to all of you:

Thank you to everyone who listens to us ramble nonsensically on the Splattercast each week.

Thank you to everyone who reads our blog and takes the time to comment (and to those who don’t!).

Thank you to everybody we’ve met at conventions, or struck up friendships with online, and all the forum participants (and the lurkers too!) and the fellow podcasters who have helped us learn and grow.

Super mega thanks to everyone that purchased a copy of Outpost Doom and/or The Grand Horror.

It means a whole lot and we are grateful to each and every one of you. We wish you all a safe and bountiful 2011 and hope you’ll continue visiting Dead!

everyone at

DL events this weekend

DL is having another XBOX Movie Party tonight on Netflix. The film? Bob Clark’s Black Christmas. Not sure how many people will be on for this. Steve’s at a Xmas party (eating flesh cookies) and I have a shiny new pc that will be trying to distract me, but we’ll jump on around 10pm central time. If there are people who want to watch Margot Kidder get drunk, we’ll do it!

Also, tomorrow we’ll be filming 5 or 6 scenes from Mirror/rorriM. Now that my snazy pc has arrived, I’ll try my best to get some footage from our shoot posted this weekend. And of course…you know what is going to be posted: Splattercast 208 a.k.a. Saw-a-thon. Listen to us make fun of Drunken Zombie while hammered on Four Loko and Glenfiddy.

So keep checking back and make sure you keep watching movies for the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards!

Vote now for the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards

Hello everybody!

Voting for the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards is now open! The ballot will be open for the next 2 months, so you should have plenty of time to see any of the movies you haven’t seen yet in order to make your informed choice.

Please visit the Splatcademy Award page to see the full list of horror podcasts that will be presenting that various categories. Splattercast 207, which will be posted tomorrow night will have our thoughts on the nominees and who might possibly win.

The Splatcademy Awards take place on February 28th.

Saw-a-thon begins in less than 3 hours…

At 10 am central time, the Splattercast and various friends who will drop by to see how stupid we are, will embark on a 7 movie Saw-a-thon. This is probably the dumbest stunt we’ve ever tried. All 7 movies, back-to-back-to-back. We’ll be recording the Splattercast in segments as we go along. So after each movie, we’ll record 10-15 minute shorts and then splice em all together into one long show. This will give you a chance to follow us as we get progressively more drunk. Steve and I don’t drink, so we could very well be dead by the end of Saw II.

I’m scared. Very, very scared.

We’ll be posting occasional updates on and on facebook, so you can follow our epic quest throughout the day. We can make it…right?

The 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards…almost time to start voting!

The 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards are still 2.5 months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start getting ready!

We just finalized the nominees and the list of presenters and are in the process of setting everything up. This year, we have 23 categories and over 40+ films and TV shows are nominated. It’s gonna be the biggest Splatcademy Awards yet! You can check back on Monday for the full list of nominees.

Mirror/rorriM: Day 2

Mirror/rorriM: Day 2

Today we shot Scene 4 at the UNL Student Union. Guerilla style. It took about four hours but I think it looks pretty good. Filming is done for the weekend. We’ll reconvene next weekend to work on a few more scenes.

Themes of the day: disgusting Sbarro pizza, Deejay dropping everything including thousand dollar lenses, Steve’s crazy face, bat prop, Mat directing (ahem…assistant directing), ambient sound, some college girl walking around in the cold with her boobs popping out of her shirt.

And some choice Deejism’s from today:

Deejay to Steve on his motivation: “You are Sandra Bullock in The Net.”

Deejay: “One more time and slower with the finger.” Mat: “That’s what she said.”

Deejay: “Jenny, speak with predominance.”

Deejay: “I got my man junk on the tripod!”