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Shivers Down Your Spine

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We just sent the film out to reviewers and the positive notices are starting to come in! Check back here for the newest reviews!

Mr Tony of the Dead: “Spoiler: this film is terrific!”

Beneath the Underground:  “ Shivers Down Your Spine packs enough fun and entertainment to make it one of the strongest anthology entries in recent years.”

Horror Society:Shivers Down Your Spine is one of the funnest movie experiences I have had in awhile.  The film has laughs, drama, blood, slashers, and boobs.  My god, does it have boobs.  This is one film that you will have to see.”

The Blood Shed: “This film is everything we love about indie horror, a must see for horror fans, and is a great example of why horror anthologies need to make a comeback.”

We Live Film: “This is a highly creative, well thought-out, and just FUN, FUN, horror anthology!”

Adam The Movie God: “Do yourself a favor and buy a copy…as soon as it becomes available.”

HorrorNews.Net:Shivers Down Your Spine is a masterpiece in its category”

The Movie Waffler: “Audiences should watch Shivers Down Your Spine – with its variety of ideas, bare enthusiasm and value for money, it’s a welcome addition to the horror anthology format. Schlocky and scary fun.”

Movies Galore: “I give this anthology an overall 4 out of 5 stars and thoroughly recommend that when this comes out you by it!”

Erebus Horror: “It’s Bloody Brilliant!”

Body Count Rising: ” I found Shivers Down Your Spine to be a pretty enjoyable anthology. I’ve seen much worse from large studios and production companies. Everyone involved in the project should feel proud of what they accomplished.”

In the Audience: “If you enjoy indie anthology films, and even with the tiny budget, I strongly recommend Shivers Down Your Spine.”

Blood Sprayer: “What Shivers Down Your Spine does deliver on is an excellent range of stories. Just as they promise in the synopsis, viewers really will find something for everyone. A couple of the stories really go all out with creativity and originality, rather than just relying on stock horror stories… which is great.”

B-Movie Bunker: “What they had to work with they make it count. This was an enjoyable mix of shorts.”

Biscutbuu: “8 out of 10. The best horror anthology of the past few years!”

Greg the Movie Guy: “There were so many more little excerpts from the Shivers Down Your Spine anthology that I encourage you to not stop your consumption at my reviews. These spotlights were merely great stories in a mix of equally great stories which stood out for me.”

Mr Parka: “This one is worth your money!”

Night of the Living Podcast: “As Jules Winnfeld said to Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, “Personality goes a long way.” Shivers Down Your Spine has tons of personality.”


Shivers Down Your Spine is a film anthology from Dead Lantern, hearkening back to the horror anthologies we all loved as kids, but with some modern twists.


  • 10 shorts films (running time 125 minutes)
    • Out of the Lamp
    • Deadbolt
    • Convention Girl
    • Birthday Dinner
    • Shortly After Nightfall
    • Last Breath
    • I Dream of Djinni
    • A Bad Heart
    • Whispering Board
    • A Christmas Horror Story
  • 90 minute feature length Outtake Reel
  • 6 audio commentary tracks including writers, composers, and actors from every short
  • Bonus short film “Midnight Kiss”. See a short that went horribly awry and was axed from the final film!
  • “Clean” version of A Christmas Horror Story

Feel free to take a look at the trailer below.

Shivers Down Your Spine coming this fall!


Very excited to update that we have a full rough cut of our horror anthology SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE! In the next month, we’ll be finalizing the sound, score, and visual FX, with a target release date on blu-ray sometime this fall. Perhaps around Halloween? You can follow the Dead Lantern tumblr page for details.

Additionally, we’ll be premiering WHISPERING BOARD and LAST BREATH at Osfest on Saturday, August 2nd in Omaha Nebraska, along with a full trailer for THE EYES OF ISABELLE. Come out and check it out!

Splattercast 351



This week, we check out Jeff Fahey in BODY PARTS, discuss the new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN, and recap our film noir shoot from this past weekend. Next week, Noirvember begins on the show!
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Shivers Down Your Spine: Episode 5 – A BAD HEART

It's only 8 months late!

Here's A BAD HEART, written by our great friend Tony Crupmton (Professor Bleak). We premiered it at Osfest yesterday to great reception. Hopefully you all dig it, too! Please subscribe to our youtube channel and leave some feedback.

This film stars Christina Olson as Jane, Dailen Cowden as Peter, and Mark Popejoy as The Cupid Killer. Heather Waite with Evil Forest FX did the blood and guts, and Richard Stripling, Jr. of Nifleheim Soundscapes did the score.

Coming soon, MIDNIGHT KISS, starring Ellen Gould, Chris Muckey, and our very own, Steve Eaton.