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Hudson versus Hicks
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El Mundo Gira
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Johnny Cash and Syphilis

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eXplodey Files 84: El Mundo Gira

Dos hermanos y una mujer – problema! After another unduly long hiatus, we are back with another wet, dusty, furry episode. Tune into Telemundo with us, and check out the (pretty racist) El Mundo Gira. Turns out, Vancouver looks just like Fresno (Go Dogs!) Stick around after the stinger to hear us talk about porn, and the […]

eXplodey Files 83: Paper Hearts

This week we review a gem of season 4, Paper Hearts, starring the awesome Tom Noonan. We also learn about beards and fridge logic, and spoil the shit out of Game of Thrones  season 1 – at the 19 minutes mark (note: this was recorded before we saw the end of season 3 – reactions to that […]

eXplodey files 82: Terma

write my college essay The somewhat underwhelming follow-up to Tunguska. Look forward to Paper Hearts, coming soon! Download Terma Shownotes: Into to X Musings of an X-phile I Made This Key of X Explodey Files facebook  Soresport Movies zp8497586rq

eXplodey Files 81: Tunguska

It was not my intention to wait until after Easter to edit and post a show that we recorded before Christmas (!), but here is the long-awaited first instalment of the Tunguska/Terma arc. See you in another four months Download Tunguska  

eXplodey Files 80: Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man

This week we discuss Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man. Don’t forget to check back and listen to episode #73 to listen to our interview with the man himself, William B Davis. Warning – in this episode we spoil the shit out of the first episode of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror. It’s a great show, and we highly […]