ISABELLE filming resumes!


Last night we resumed shooting ISABELLE and I must say, it went totally awesome!

Benito, Candace, and Alicia, of Wetworks SFX up in Omaha came down and made not only a killer monster, but also did some major head damage to our lovely actress, Christina Olson. You can check out some screenshots here.

And please stop by and like the Wetworks SFX Facebook page to keep abreast of all the cool fx work they have planned for ISABELLE this summer. They'll be posting in progress updates of their various prosthetic builds and whatnot. And be sure to check out Splattercast 335 for a full report on all the carnage that went down last night!


Good golly, we’re almost finished!

There’s still a lot to do. There’s the entire finale. There’s the graveyard sequence. And there’s that goddamn dialogue driven bar scene….

But we can see the light at the end of this long, exhausting tunnel. The main cast is just about finished other than the obligatory pickup shots that will be needed here and there. Once that’s all finished, then there are only two real sequences that need to be filmed, both involving flashback sequences that do not involve the main cast. We’ll take a much needed break before we film that stuff.

Still so much to do, but goddamn if we aren’t nearly finished with the filming portion!

Finished Izzy 11×17 mini poster

Big thanks to Charlie Cody and TJ Roe for putting together our movie poster. It looks fantastic!

Please visit Charlie Cody’s deviantART page for more awesome artwork and check out his webcomic Family Dies. And of course, visit T.J. Roe at

We will be doing a limited printing of these, the size of which will be 11×17. We’re not exactly sure how much they will cost as we are still looking into how much it will cost to print up these sweet posters. Like everything we sell, we’ll make them as affordable (cheap) as we possibly can so that you can get one. Plus, all proceeds from the poster sales go to the Izzy budget to help us make it even gorier!

No timetable on these though we hope to have a bunch printed before Horror on the Boulevard in October. Anybody who wants to be on the pre-order list should send us an e-mail in order to reserve your copy. Also let us know if you’d like it signed and we’ll make a note of that as well.

Listen to Splattercast 292 tomorrow for more details on how this poster was created and how you can get your hands on one.


The end of an eventful weekend.

Now that was a weekend.

Steve and I left for Aurora, Nebraska around 7:30 am on Saturday morning. Arriving about 9, we grabbed McDonald’s breakfast with Des before embarking on a long, painful journey through the bowels of indie filmmaking over the next 24+ hours. That journey included 100 degree heat in a shadeless cemetery with nary a cloud in the sky, rain wands, blood cannons, spinal cords, girl on girl action, girls face down in mud and shit, Deejay being a hero, Steve sleeping a lot, horrible sunburns, constant sex jokes….and goldfish. Those poor, poor goldfish.  This was the most grueling, intense shoot we’ve had since the waning days of Outpost Doom. I’m surprised we didn’t all collapse from exhaustion. Well, we kind of did. At 7:30 am Sunday morning. When, after I’d been up for 24 hours straight doing movie junk, we finished the weekend where it all began: McDonald’s. Breakfast. I finally crashed in Steve’s truck on the way back to Lincoln. I hope he didn’t take advantage of me.

We’ll have full details on tomorrow’s Splattercast. There is a lot to talk about.