Episode 428 - [MP3]
We cover breakout genre sensation It Follows.
Episode 13 - [MP3]
The Ethicacy of The Flappening
Episode 86 - [MP3]
Never Again
Episode 33 - [MP3]
Johnny Cash and Syphilis

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You know what ol’ Jack Burton always says at a time like this…

Keep Kurt Russell In The Dark – watch more funny videos

Film4 FrightFest Allnighter

For the attention of UK horror fans… A cinema in my hometown has organised a horror all-nighter in conjunction with Fright Fest. I am THERE! So if anyone would like to attend and meet up, shoot me an email: jo@deadlantern.com Film4 FrightFest, the UK’s best horror and fantasy film festival, is bringing its critically acclaimed […]

The Bloodfest Club – Official Trailer

Filmmakers Jim Ousley and Oscar Madrid sent us this trailer for their upcoming horror-comedy short, The Bloodfest Club. Looks like fun! The Bloodfest Club – Official Trailer [HD] from The Bloodfest Club on Vimeo.

The Lost Boys

Corey Feldman month wrapped up at our local cineplex tonight with a screening of a 35mm print of The Lost Boys. I don’t think the crowd was as big as when we saw The Goonies, but I’d venture to guess that the theater was 60-70% full. The print was pretty good, a little rough in […]

Review: Black Death

Black Death (2011) d. Christopher Smith I’ve had some horrible disease ravaging my frail body for the past few days, what better than to watch a movie about the bubonic plague, right? First, this movie is awesome. Plain and simple. I might be overreacting due to the chemicals altering my brain right now and the […]