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“Chain Letter” trailer

Is this what the horror genre has been reduced to? What’s next, a movie about unfriending someone on Facebook?

John Waters Defends 'Salo'

Back on Splattercast #134 we reviewed Pasolini’s Salo, debatably the most vile production ever burned to celluloid (until A Siberian Film). In this recent interview “The Pope of Filth” John Waters steps up to give his opinion on the merits of depraved movies and the place of shock value. He even provides a recipe to […]

My problem with on-demand

The UK equivalent of Netflix (LoveFilm) has an on-demand service. Some movies you have to pay for, some are free depending on your subscription. They have a deal with Sony whereby you can watch on-demand movies through an internet TV, should you own one. But if not, the only way really is to watch them […]

The Best Horror Films of 2009 (MaT’s picks)

2009 was a pretty ho-hum year for the horror genre, in my opinion. A couple really good things stood out in a sea of mediocrity. Not that mediocrity can’t be entertaining (listen to the Splattercast on a weekly basis and you’ll learn that quickly). To be fair, I still haven’t seen everything I want to, […]

The Morning After: I Hate Myself

There were two competing local film events in Lincoln last night, the indie horror flick Return to Horror House that I posted about earlier, and the “Homegrown Film Festival” at the newly re-opened Bourbon Theater (formerly the State Theater). Both events were free to attend. I was set to go to the Joyo for Horror […]