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Smell our fingers!
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The Ethicacy of The Flappening
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Never Again
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Johnny Cash and Syphilis

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You can’t get enough of drama, can you?

While horror podcasters have been embroiled in their own high school drama the past couple of weeks, something far more interesting has been exploding with a genre icon: Fangoria. I noticed a couple days ago that the Fangoria website was down. (You should check out their hilariously unprofessional new site) I was making the rounds […]

Sketchy Santas

Check out the gallery of horror at http://www.sketchysantas.com/ Hat-tip, Hesh Spice from SCS.

The good news is we found your dad…

…the bad news is this. Yikes.

Monday Morning Music: F*ck These People

Guess what? The Heene kids (balloon boy) have a rap video. Yes, really.

Tis the season

I think I’ve heard variants of this situation before. Here’s this year’s entry (link) Authorities called to an apartment complex in Marina Del Rey last night discovered the body of a man slumped on a third-floor balcony. The deceased, said to be about 75, had suffered a gunshot wound, thought to be self-inflicted. The twist: […]