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Smell our fingers!
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The Ethicacy of The Flappening
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Never Again
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Johnny Cash and Syphilis

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RCR #7- Sunday Slashers: Decampitated

I think Troma has every awful movie they’ve ever forced upon a world that never wanted them in the first place on Netflix instant streaming. “Sunday Slashers” is going to be a new sub-segment of Running Commentary Reviews which will focus on…drumroll…slashers! Duh. So come with me as we journey through the low budget world […]

Running Commentary Review #6: Revenge of the Living Dead Girls

I can’t stop! I’m back with another RCR, this time of a minor French cult classic called Revenge of the Living Dead Girls. Here’s the synopsis: A gore fest from France, this chiller combines horror, sex and environmental disaster. Deadly waste contaminates the milk supply in a small town, and the tainted milk kills three […]

Running Commentary Review #5: Witchcraft VII-Judgment Hour

Yes! Somehow Troma got the rights to this installment in the neverending Witchcraft series and because a ton of Troma’s library is now on Netflix Instant Viewing, I get to watch it! Why am I so excited?!!!!! Because it’s freaking Will Spanner baby! The most underappreciated recurring character in all of horrordom. OK maybe that […]

Running Commentary Review #4: Gothic Vampires From Hell

This looks to be another Netflix instant viewing classic! Here’s their synopsis: Industrial metal band Gothic Vampires from Hell is just starting out in the business. In their quest for a recording contract, they encounter Annastasia and Jasmine , the mysterious owners of Gotham Records. For the band, vampirism is a persona; for these two […]

Running Commentary Review #3: Tiki

Yes. I’m about to watch a film called Tiki.  Full Moon used to have a monopoly on puppet sized terrors but their recent output has been pretty abysmal. This flick is put out by Image Entertainment and already, there seems to be some false advertising. The Netflix and Imdb pages list this film at a […]