Shivers Down Your Spine

Shivers Down Your Spine coming this fall!


Very excited to update that we have a full rough cut of our horror anthology SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE! In the next month, we’ll be finalizing the sound, score, and visual FX, with a target release date on blu-ray sometime this fall. Perhaps around Halloween? You can follow the Dead Lantern tumblr page for details.

Additionally, we’ll be premiering WHISPERING BOARD and LAST BREATH at Osfest on Saturday, August 2nd in Omaha Nebraska, along with a full trailer for THE EYES OF ISABELLE. Come out and check it out!

Shivers Down Your Spine: Episode 5 – A BAD HEART

It's only 8 months late!

Here's A BAD HEART, written by our great friend Tony Crupmton (Professor Bleak). We premiered it at Osfest yesterday to great reception. Hopefully you all dig it, too! Please subscribe to our youtube channel and leave some feedback.

This film stars Christina Olson as Jane, Dailen Cowden as Peter, and Mark Popejoy as The Cupid Killer. Heather Waite with Evil Forest FX did the blood and guts, and Richard Stripling, Jr. of Nifleheim Soundscapes did the score.

Coming soon, MIDNIGHT KISS, starring Ellen Gould, Chris Muckey, and our very own, Steve Eaton.


Screenshots for MIDNIGHT KISS

We shot MIDNIGHT KISS today, the next installment of Shivers Down Your Spine. If all goes well, you’ll be seeing it here on Tuesday. It stars Ellen Gould, Chris Muckey, and our very own Steve Eaton. Big props to Jeff and Tina for letting us use their home and to Deejay and Heather for the hard work and FX, respectively. ONLY 2 DAYS UNTIL YOU SEE STEVE DIE!

Check out our tumblr page for more screenshots.

A BAD HEART wraps!

A BAD HEART, our Valentine’s Day SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE episode has wrapped! It was a long, grueling shoot (isn’t it always?) but we soldiered through a 16 hour day and having to deal with the Whore Cheese to get it knocked out!

A gigantic thank you to our actors: Christina Olson, Dailen Cowden, Mark Popejoy. Christina was the ultimate trooper, being forced to walk around in the cold and having to lay in pools of blood for hours on end while I get ALL THE ANGLES. Dailen was a hilarious pro who threw down some phat rhymes and dope beats (and who gave it to the Whore Cheese). And Mark Popejoy? Wow, Mark was a madman in front of the camera, and a jack of all trades behind it. All three of you were amazing people who we hope to work with again in the future. Lots of love all around!

And of course, Steve and Deejay, who once again did anything and everything to make this all come together. Much love.

Full report on the next Splattercast. And now? I sleep. For the love of Angel Sanchez, I sleep.