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Smell our fingers!
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The Ethicacy of The Flappening
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Never Again
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Johnny Cash and Syphilis

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Lollipop Chainsaw

Looks like my kind of stupid bullshit.

Cool L.A. Noire screenshots

I’m almost done with LA Noire, and although there are valid criticisms that can be levied against the game, there’s no doubt that it’s fun. One of the small details that make me smile is the city itself, in particular the theaters. It’s pretty insane how incredible the recreation of 40’s era Los Angeles is, […]

Death Worm: The Game

Getting ready for the Tremors-themed episode of the Splattercast that we’re doing with FZR & Ronin, I came across this little freeware computer game: Death Worm. It’s good for a couple laughs.

The Great Zebra Donkey Heist Part Deux

Shortly after Steve went to sleep last night, Ronin and I came across a posse. One of the members of that posse was a level 50…with a zebra donkey. It was 4 on 2. I provided some general covering fire and distraction, and Ronin successfully pulled off a Zebra Donkey Heist. We then high tailed […]

Chicago Typewriter

Resident Evil 4 is waaay old at this point, but I wanted you all to know that I finally unlocked the Chicago Typewriter. That is all.