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I have ridden the zebra donkey.

Bryan and Wes, Wave, Steve, and myself played Red Dead Redemption for a few hours tonight. First poker, then Free Roam. I’m sure we’ll all be talking about the poker tourney, as well as all the bets that were  made and lost soon, but I wanted to mention something awesome. As anyone who has played […]

For Mat: Mega64 on Zombies

Mega 64: Zombies.

Zombified Street Fighter Characters

Cool gallery of some zombiefied Street Fighter characters.

Starcraft 2 is out today.

I’m not even going to play this game, but I understand that Starcraft 2‘s release today is a big deal for lots of folks. We were talking about the trailer in the chat the other day, and how it looks way more interesting and exciting than some movies’ trailers (Avatar, cough cough).

Another Steam Sale

I don’t work for Valve, honest. But they are having yet another awesome sale, which includes a lot of great cheap horror games. Recently Steam has been made available on the Mac, should any gamers actually own one. Sale currently includes Left 4 Dead 2 at £6.80 (about $10), and Killing Floor at £7.49 ($11), both for […]