The Sex Files 2

Remember a while back, they made an X-Files p0rn parody? Apparently it did okay for them because there’s a sequel on the way. I confess, I did take a look at the first one. It was super gross. The first scene had some 50+ year old man, playing the Skinner character, wagging around a bizarre potato-dick. Maybe part 2 will be better.

Psychotic and artistic will always go hand in hand

John U. Abrahamson has erected 😆 a fucking fantastic overhead sculpture of his own flesh and blood. But wait, there’s more! Underneath this installation, he has placed 15 years worth of his own daily journals (that’s 6000 pages of this man’s life, to be exact) which the viewer was encouraged to destroy.

I doubt you’ll be able to refrain from reading more. More pictures on the artist’s website here.