The reviews for CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE have begun to roll in! We’ll be listing them on this page as we are notified.

  • Horror Society: “Chills Down Your Spine is my contender for best indie horror film of 2020 and one of the best horror anthologies I’ve seen in a long time.”
  • We Live Entertainment: “10/10…Chills Down Your Spine is a roller coaster ride of a good time that has everything I love about indie horror. It is worth rubbing the lamp.”
  • Stoopid Movies:1000/8. They broke the rating scale!”
  • Spook Du Jour (NSFW): It’s bigger, bloodier…badassier(?) and boobier than the prior entry ..the same rampant insanity prevalent in the first one all work to charm the hell out of me .”
  • The Film Geek:This movie was fun from beginning to end!”
  • Greg the Movie Guy“This would be one of the first films I would recommend to anyone interested in what Nebraska filmmakers are doing and what they’re capable of.”
  • Stream of Consciousness Reviews: “Genius, beautiful filmmaking!”
  • Riot at the Movies:..funny, creative and pretty damn cool at times”
  • Tony Has 9 Fingers:“Definitely check this out!”
  • Erebus Horror: “…laced with comedy, unusual storylines, unique characters and a whole load of b-movie goodness…this anthology is even better than their first!”
  • Movies Galore: “…I totally recommend this weird and whimsical venture!”
  • Indie Horror Films: “…the film sets up for the next anthology. If it is as much of a blast as this one, it will be worth the wait.” 
  • Caleb Watches Movies: “I definitely recommend checking this out….if you’re into Independent Horror, this is for you.”

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