Chills Down Your Spine (2020)

CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE is the sequel to the microbudget indie horror anthology SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE. Dual wraparound stories! Ten tales of entertaining horror!

  • ROAD TRIP: Jeff finds a new genie and goes on an ancient road trip to find his lost love in the first of 2 wraparound stories!
  • THE DEVIL’S CORKSCREW: Gold robbers in the old west try to escape justice and lead the lives they deserve
  • ISABELLE RETURNS: Isabelle Wakeworth is back from the dead and ready to kill in this animated slasher!
  • THE DITCH: A young woman, covered in blood, tries to get help from a stranger..
  • BED AND BREAKFAST: A night at a Gothic mansion turns into a terror fueled nightmare…or does it?
  • HYSTERIA!: A burlesque troupe finds themselves in a Scooby-Doo esque muder mystery!
  • BLOOD MODEL: A struggling artist finds the perfect pigment to make their paintings come to life.
  • THE WHIRLPOOL OF NIGHT: A private detective is hired to steal a mysterious box that contains a cosmic power in this film noir!
  • THE CALLING OF THE THINGS BEYOND: A playwright decides to finish her father’s cursed play with horrifying results.
  • C’MON BABY LIGHT MY FLAME: Sabiah has been captured by a killer bent on carving out her flame in the second wraparound!

CHILLS has something for everybody! Don’t believe us, check out the reviews as they roll in!

  • We Live Entertainment: “10/10…Chills Down Your Spine is a roller coaster ride of a good time that has everything I love about indie horror. It is worth rubbing the lamp.”
  • Greg the Movie Guy: “This would be one of the first films I would recommend to anyone interested in what Nebraska filmmakers are doing and what they’re capable of.”




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