Chills Down Your Spine (2020)


CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE is the sequel to the microbudget indie horror anthology SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE. We are currently in post- production on the film and are nearly complete! Films that will be in the anthology:



  • ROAD TRIP: Jeff searches for Sabiah with her younger sister Mahktoonah and together, they go on an odyssey!
  • C’MON BABY LIGHT MY FLAME: Sabiah has been caught by a sadistic killer wanting to carve out her flame!
  • WHIRLPOOL OF NIGHT: An all-female film noir! A private eye must steal a mysterious box and uncover strange happenings…
  • ISABELLE RETURNS: Isabelle is on a bloody rampage! An animated short film by M.W. Leitzel!
  • INTERMISSION: Mark Popejoy, the Robo-Mummy, and Kamaria watch the film!
  • BED AND BREAKFAST: A nudie cutie throwback! A young woman spends the night in a creepy mansion only to be hunted by a ghoul!
  • HYSTERIA!: A burlesque troupe shows up at an old house to find that is is populated with ghosts!
  • THE DEVIL’S CORKSCREW: A western involving a group of people attempting to escape death after stealing gold riches…
  • THE CALLING OF THE THINGS BEYOND: An unfinished play is the key to bringing about the end of the world and the Old Ones!
  • BLOOD MODEL: A struggling artist finds a new way to make paintings pop!
  • THE DITCH: A woman is found bloody and shaken on the side of the road, claiming there is something in the ditch….

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CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE will be released soon!

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