HYSTERIA Casting Announcement!

We’re stoked to announce the cast of HYSTERIA! a short film that will film this September and be part of the CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE horror anthology! The story centers around a burlesque troupe who takes a private party on Halloween night only to find themselves confronted by a supernatural menace! Stay tuned to DeadLantern.com for more information as we prepare to shoot this devious comedic murder mystery! Hysteria shoots September 5th and 6th in Omaha, Nebraska!

  • Eric Moyer as KIP
  • Julia Farrell as MARTHA
  • Leah Cardenas as LIQUID
  • Katie Otten as DOLLY
  • Anastasia August as ENCHAN’TE
  • Cara Rockwell as RIXY
  • Roxcy Rowen as SCARLET
  • Christina Olson as RUE

Story by Tony Crumpton

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