Introducing the cast of BRING ME THE HEAD OF BENITO GARCIA!

Clockwise from top left: Tony Haynes, Mark Popejoy, Megan Garcia, Kat Walsh, Nate Coulombe, Julia Farrell, Lindsay Washburn, and Dailen Cowden. Middle: Benito Garcia

These 8 people are trying to kill Benito Garcia. He best get out his best John Wick-esque fighting skills to survive this 70’s grindhouse exploitation flick coming to TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE!

Benito Garcia plays BENITO GARCIA. He has a habit of rubbing people the wrong way, and he’s been marked for death!

Megan Garcia, will be playing a legendary uber-assassin nicknamed “CRUEL BITCH” and she’ll stop at nothing to add Benito’s balls to her wall!

Lindsay Washburn plays VERONICA, Benito’s long suffering New Jersey born wife. He’s cheated on her one time too many and now she’s out for vengeance!

Dailen Cowden plays THE NINJA! Years after a drunken hotel party, he has trained under the best Masters to take his revenge on Benito!

Mark Popjeoy plays THE CARTEL LEADER! After he finds Benito with his daughter, he puts a $10,000,000 bounty on his head…literally!

Julia Farrell joins the cast as a mysterious bar patron who likes knives just a little too much and she’s ready to take as many pieces off of Benito as she can!

Kat Walsh plays Debbie! She claims to be Benito’s only friend, but can she be trusted? No! She wants to kill him as well! Why? You’ll have to wait to find out…

Nate Coulombe plays RICKEY DUKES, a psychotic gun for hire who likes to carve the faces off his victims and wear them for kicks! Normally he only goes after beautiful faces, but in this case, he’ll make an exception!

Tony Haynes plays WILLY WALNUTS. He just really, really doesn’t like Benito. Not even any specific reason. He just looks at him and wants to kill him. Will he succeed?

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