Introducing the cast of HYSTERIA PART 2!

Clockwise from top left: Cara Rockwell, Leah Cardenas, Christina Olson, Michell Blodgett, Roxcy Rowen, Anastasia August, Katie Otten, and Eric Moyer

We loved making HYSTERIA! so much for CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE that we decided to make a sequel! This will be the first direct sequel to any DL project and we look forward to taking viewers on the journey to see what happens!

You can check out what happened in HYSTERIA by picking up CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE on Amazon!

Christina Olson as Rue
Katie Otten as Dolly
Cara Rockwell as Wanda
Anastasia August as Enchan’te
Leah Cardenas as Clementine
Roxcy Rowen as Scarlett
Michell Blodgett as Viola
Eric Moyer as the voice of Glenda
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