Introducing the cast of THE CORNFIELD!

Left to right: Jared Dominguez, Jessica Johnson, Shae’Kell Butler, Sydney Hendricksen, Matthew Kischer, and Megan Mills!

What happens when detassling goes horribly wrong? You’re going to find out in THE CORNFIELD, a killer scarecrow flick that will be part of TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE! Meet the cast below.

Sydney Hendricksen as JEN

Sydney Hendricksen stars as JEN, a quick-thinking individual who finds herself the unexpected leader of a small group of friends trying to survive a scarecrow slaughter!

Shae’Kell Butler as JOE

Shae’Kell Butler stars as JOE. Kind-hearted and ready to protect his friends, he doesn’t take any shit from killer scarecrows! Can he help his friends escape with their lives?

Jessica Johnson as ABIGAIL

Jessica Johnson plays ABIGAIL, a quick-tempered personality who may know more about what is going on than she lets on…

Megan Mills as Caitlin

Megan Mills plays CAITLIN. She hates cornfields. She hates Nebraska humidity. She hates farms in general. And she really hates all of those things combined with killer scarecrows.

Jared Dominguez as BEN

Jared Dominguez plays BEN. He’s the guy that thinks he’s tough, until he encounters a killer scarecrow. Panic-stricken, and getting his friends into bad situations, can he make it through the night alive?

Matthew Kischer as THE SCARECROW!

Matthew Kischer is tasked with the really difficult assignment of slaughtering all of those who invade his cornfield. Nobody has ever escaped his straw laden grasp. These people have no chance…right?

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