Introducing the cast of THE GUNFIGHTER!

Left to Right: Tony Haynes as BARTENDER, Jazmyne Van Houten as ROSIE, Dailen Cowden as LIGHTNIN’ JACK McCALLAHAN, Will Griffey as DAVE, and Mark Popejoy as THE SCYTHE

Giddyup, it’s time to ride! Dead Lantern is back with another Western: THE GUNFIGHTER, which will be part of TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE!

Lightnin’ Jack!

Dailen Cowden returns as LIGHTNIN’ JACK McCALLAHAN, his character from THE DEVIL’S CORKSCREW. He intends to make good on his promise of becoming a legend and has one last town on his list…

We’re just going to credit him as Kurt Russell to sell copies 🙂

Will Griffey plays DAVE, a grizzled gunfighter in the town of Gallows who has seen the world and has seen people like JACK mowed down by an undefeated legend…

Behind that smile lies a cold stone killer!

Mark Popejoy plays THE SCYTHE, a nickname given to the most legendary gunfighter in the West. A man who has never lost, and has out dueled even the most talented of gunslingers. Can JACK take him down?

Jazmyne Van Houten plays ROSIE, a saloon girl who takes a fancy to the fast-talking JACK. Can she talk him out of a high noon showdown for the title of Fastest Hands in the West?

Tony Haynes plays a mysterious BARTENDER who may or may not have run across JACK once before…

Keep checking for information on THE GUNFIGHTER, a killer western, as we busily work on pre-production! And while you’re at it, you can support us by picking up a copy of CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE on Amazon! All proceeds go to help us finish TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE!

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