Introducing the cast of VANITY MIRROR!

Left to Right: Kate Robertson Pryor as LINDA, Jenna Briggs as JUDITH, Megan Fangmeyer as NANCY, and Eric Moyer as MOVIE MOGUL

We are excited to introduce the cast of VANITY MIRROR, a film written by Lisa Kovanda, and which will be featured in TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE!

Jenna Briggs plays JUDITH, a crackerjack reporter in 1940’s Hollywood looking for a story that will be her big break. She thinks she’s found it..but will it ultimately be her undoing?

Kate Robertson Pryor plays LINDA, a Hollywood starlet who has appeared in dozens of films due to her seemingly eternal youth…

Megan Fangmeyer plays NANCY, an out of favor Hollywood starlet whose career has declined and who will stop at nothing to regain what was once hers…

Eric Moyer plays THE MOVIE MOGUL. In the 1940’s studio system, he has the power to make or break careers. At least, he thinks he does…

Keep checking for information on VANITY MIRROR, a supernatural film noir, as we busily work on pre-production! And while you’re at it, you can support us by picking up a copy of CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE on Amazon! All proceeds go to help us finish TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE!

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