Introducing the cast of WRAPPED!

Left to right: Cara Rockwell as THE MUMMY, Joshua Weixelman as DAN, Jazmyne Van Houten as ALLISON, and Patrick Lambrecht as PROFESSOR FUAD

WRAPPED is a short film that will be in TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE! Meet our wonderful cast:

This guy just looks like trouble…

Joshua Weixelman plays DAN, a humble assistant to his Egyptology professor who dabbles in just a bit of the dark arts to bring back an ancient mummified princess…

Dan is clearly out of his league.

Jazmyne Van Houten plays ALLISON, DAN’s long suffering wife. They are on a break right now, but she’s ready to take DAN back. Unfortunately, she has a bit of a problem…

Egyptology is his life. Don’t touch his mummies. Seriously, don’t.

Patrick Lambrecht plays PROFESSOR FUAD. He takes his job very seriously and has been assigned the bumbling fool named DAN as his teaching assistant. Really, don’t touch his books and don’t touch his mummies.

Simon Lovell

Simon Lovell plays a crusty British security guard with specific feelings about America!

Was this photo taken in Egypt?

Cara Rockwell plays THE MUMMY. Look, she’s been dead 3000 years. Surely she’s in peace. Surely someone wouldn’t do something stupid and wake her up. Surely….

Keep checking for information on WRAPPED as we busily work on pre-production! And while you’re at it, you can support us by picking up a copy of CHILLS DOWN YOUR SPINE on Amazon! All proceeds go to help us finish TINGLES DOWN YOUR SPINE!

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