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  • Podcast spotlights: If you’re someone who has trouble listening regularly and doesn’t keep up on the day to day happenings of the site, the news letter will not only give you a synopsis of each of our respective podcasts that have been released in the past month (Splattercast, Round Table, etc.), but you’ll have direct links to everything in one spot. You’ll be able to pick and choose which shows you’d like to listen to and which ones you’d like to ignore completely.The information will be more centralized and easier to sift through.
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  • ISABELLE content: We’re currently shooting our third feature length film and have a lot of rad content coming down the pike. All subscribers will get first looks at screenshots, art, and exclusive first looks at in-progress editing of scenes and behind the scenes footage. Additionally, subscribers will get first dibs on limited edition runs of new posters, Izzy dolls, and other merchandise related to the film!
  • Acting notices: We have a lot of actors and actresses working with us. The newsletter will be the place to let you know when and where casting calls for new Shivers Down Your Spine episodes and new updates on our follow up to ISABELLE, the horror noir THE DARK AROUND YOUR HEART, will be taking place. Each month will provide insight into the pre-production and creation of these and other projects coming down the dusty, tumbleweed strewn dirt road (western, anyone?)
  • Upcoming Events: Find out which conventions DL will be attending and when. We love meeting people at our booth!

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