Outpost Doom

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Bonus Features

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Audio Commentary tracks
  • To Peoria and Beyond Documentary
  • Photos
  • and more!

Two escaped cons, running from a horrific tentacled monster, seek refuge in an enormous barn. Once inside, they discover a decapitated corpse and a group of strangers who are highly suspicious of their presence. It doesn’t take long before people start dying in vicious ways. Someone is not who they appear to be… meanwhile, the tentacled monster is trying to find its way inside!


Official Selection of the Drunken Zombie Film Festival. World Premier Saturday, November 7th. Peoria, Illinois!

Weekly Video Production Journals

Screengrabs New!!!

Everyone has a secret.

  • Curt: escaped convict
  • Rick: escaped convict
  • Helen: blind wife
  • Harry: overwhelmed husband
  • Leon: owner of The Better’s Pub
  • Herb: a mysterious man upstairs
  • Jenny: A survivor from the Grand Theatre
  • David: junkie?
  • Stu: brute
  • Mat: just a guy

More info to come…