Outpost Doom (2009)

OUTPOST DOOM (IMDB link) was shot in 2oo8  and was the second film made by Dead Lantern Pictures. After our “success” with THE GRAND HORROR, we attempted to make an action-fantasy-zombie epic that we tentatively titled CODENAME: ZSF. We got about two months into filming that movie when it collapsed spectacularly in anger and hurt feelings. Feeling that we had one more shot to bring everyone back on board and keep doing this movie making thing, Steve and I sat in my Grandma’s basement and hammered out the story for OUTPOST DOOM. I wanted to make an old school homage to Universal monster films of the 30’s and Agatha Christie like mysteries. We couldn’t figure out a name. I think Steve liked “Outpost” and I liked “Doom” so we squashed them together.

We shot over the course of a summer in Braden’s father’s barn. It was fun until we rushed the ending and botched the fx. One thing Dead Lantern Pictures can never be accused of is thinking small. Oftentimes we bit off more than we can chew with ridiculous results, but hey, misewell. You can view the film below on our Youtube Channel. And yes, I did recently find an entire box of OUTPOST DOOM DVD’s. They do exist. Use the contact page if you want to get your mitts on these rare treasures!


  • Steve Eaton as CURT
  • Jeremy Cech as RICK
  • Rhyann Crooks as JENNY
  • Jeff Gustafson as LEON
  • Braden Johnson as DAVID
  • Carlin Mackie as HERB
  • Deejay Scharton as STU
  • Jeff Schmidt as HARRY
  • Tina Schmidt as HELEN
  • Madison Vetter as BARN VICTIM
  • Mathew Kister as MAT

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