The Dead Lantern Podcast

Dead Lantern Pictures returns with a brand new conversational podcast. We’re going to talk about whatever we want. New episodes will be released every 2 weeks with a main crew of Deejay, Mat, Tony, and Mike with our friends popping on whenever it strikes their fancy.

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Stay tuned…

5/11/2020 – Episode 1: The Beginning…

5/25/2020 Episode 2: The Calling of the Things Beyond (Chills Down Your Spine)

6/08/2020Episode 3: Sleepaway Camp

6/22/2020Episode 4: Samurai Cop

7/06/2020Episode 5: The Devil’s Corkscrew (Chills Down Your Spine)

7/20/2020Episode 6: The Prey of the Jaguar

8/17/2020Episode 7: When Life Gets Real

8/29/2020 – Episode 8: Dead End Podcast

9/12/2020 – Episode 9: Frailty

9/26/2020 – Episode 10: Time Trap

10/10/2020 – Episode 11: The Paganini Horror