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Super Size Me

Directed by Morgan Spurlock
Reviewed by Adam, added on Jan 1 2005

The greater majority of the American population is either overweight or obese. We all know this to be true; and yet, when we are faced with this fact in the flesh, we can't quite handle it. How can so many people be so bloody fat, when damn near everyone is on some form of a diet? Can fast-food really be so bad; and if so, is it to blame? That is what documentarian Morgan Spurlock (born and raised in my home state of West Virginia) set out to discover in his first feature "Super Size Me." Spurlock's mission: to find out what eating nothing but McDonald's food - three meals a day, for an entire month - could do to the human body.

At one point or another during the film, everyone will ask themselves, "Who really eats that much fast food, anyway?" Spurlock claims that a large portion of the population does, in fact, eat nothing but fast-food; and yet, he doesn't actually provide the numbers to prove his point. This is one of a string of serious flaws from which Spurlock's documentary suffers. Quite often during the course of the film, Spurlock makes devastating claims about fast-food consumption, and about the people involved in distributing it to America; and, somehow, fails to come up with proof to back up his claims. As a documentarian, Spurlock should no better.

Nonetheless, "Super Size Me" is quite entertaining - and isn't that the real reason we see movies? Did anybody that walked into their local theater to see "Super Size Me" really think they were going to leave with enough knowledge to safely change their eating habits? I did hope the film would give me a better understanding of the health risks of eating too much fast-food (which it did), but I didn't really think it would change my life forever. There have been very few films in the course of history that have had that kind of power of their audience. "Super Size Me" is simply a comical view of American fast-food consumption, and the consequences of such an eating habit - no less, no more.

I'm sure all of West Virginia will be looking to open a few barrels of whupass on me quite soon...

7.5 / 10

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