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Dead Birds

Directed by Alex Turner (2004)
Reviewed by Steve, added on Mar 29 2005

So far this year, as far as horror movies go, I have seen White Noise, Boogeyman, and The Ring 2. And so far, they have all sucked. Horribly.And just when I was about to give up on the genre for the year I stumbled across Dead Birds. Wow. To think that a straight to video movie could out do some of Hollywood's big time "blockbusters". This film is definitely a diamond in the rough.

The movie is about a group of bank robbers in 1863 during the Civil War. After a heist they hold up in an old plantation house. And soon they discover that not all is right. You see, the former owner of the house tried to resurrect his dead wife by sacrificing all of his slaves in his basement. And by sacrifice I mean cut open their stomachs and pull out their insides in one big ball of yumminess. But the owner was tricked by whatever force he was making the sacrifices to and it turned his children into demons. And by demons I mean creepy little death beasts with sharp teeth and big empty eye sockets.

The movie moves along at a decent pace and earns its place in the horror genre. It uses the standard "evil thingie comes out of nowhere" tactic at times and then switches to good old gore. The slave sacrifice above again comes to mind as does the shotgun beheading scene. Glorious.

The only problem in the film is a few plot holes which give you bits and pieces of the main outlaw's back story and then propel him back into the movie's present day without every really explaining why that back story has any relevance. But once the demons get back on screen you'll quickly forget about that subplot. Besides, the movie's protagonists are bad guys so it's okay if they get torn limb from limb for our enjoyment. And as an added bonus we get to see the little annoying boy from E.T. get killed.

7 / 10

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