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The Beast

Directed by Walerian Borowczyk
Reviewed by MaT, added on Jan 1 2005

The daughter of a wealthy family agrees to marry the son of a French man because of a will. Little does the daughter realize that the grounds of the man's house is being stalked by a mythical "Beast" that likes to have sex with women. Yeah, this movie is about bestiality, and it is quite sickening. The film opens with a graphic depiction of two horses having sex, complete with throbbing genitalia and all. It aims to shock and disgust from the get go and for the most part, it doesn't fail.

The film was banned in many countries due to its explicit and taboo subject matter and is revered among shlock exploitation fans for its depravity. It'll take quite a while to get to the big "Beast/Girl" scene that caused all the controversy. In fact, for over an hour, we don't even see the Beast. Instead, we are treated to long and dull conversations about the will, needless establishing shots, and naked French girls rubbing their vaginas on headboards to get off. None of the subplots are interesting or developed properly. The only reason this movie is even famous is for the "Beast Rape/Sex scene" and curiosity will be the only thing that will keep you watching.

As for the big scene itself, it is pretty funny. It's a flashback scene showing the Beast chasing a woman through the forest. The Beast has a huge penis and he eventually catches the girl and begins to rape her. Then, while you are feeling disgusted, the woman decides she likes it and begins to have tons of sex with the Beast in every position possible. The director adds to the shock value by repeatedly showing the Beast ejaculating all over her. That's it folks. That's basically the movie.

Is the movie shocking? That depends on your knowledge of exploitation cinema. I've seen much worse but the bestiality angle is definitely played for all it's worth. Overall, the film is long and boring with its only "redeeming quality" being a man in a big rat suit (and a bad, bad one at that) loving up a naked French woman. This film is for fans of exploitation only. They are the only ones who would find any interest in it.

1 / 10

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