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Fuckin A
Reviewed by Carlin, added on May 12 2005

I listen to lots of different kinds of music. Sometimes I like folk, sometimes I'm into indie rock, and sometimes I just want something loud and noisy. The Thermals new CD, "Fuckin A," (Sub-Pop) falls into that last category. Clocking in at only twenty minutes, this disc is a Ramones meet Sonic Youth punk rock bombast. It is also one of the most amazing punk rock albums I've heard in years.

The album opens with the feedback soaked "Our Trip," which clocks in just over minute in length and ends with a crashing crescendo of angst ridden noise. The single, "How We Know," which is possibly the catchiest song since, well, their last big single, "No Culture Icons," marks the most subdued part of the CD. For the most part, this album grabs your balls in a vice and doesn't let go. The band whips through 12 glorious tracks soaked with distortion, feedback, and the brilliant vocal melodies of lead singer Hutch Harris. Kathy Foster attacks her base in a style that's somewhere between Kim Deal and Kris Noveselic, and Jordan Hudson bashes the drums like it's his last day on earth.

Fuckin A is probably the best punk-alternative-rock album of the new millennium. Everything crashes and burns with just the right intensity, and, to top it all off, the album is ripe with intelligent-but-not-pretentious lyrics. Lines like "Every stitch / too early cut away / every sour dish / I laid upon the table / every thought / that I left in the raw / I believe what they say / and I know these too will fade" are smarter than most bands that base there whole musical expression around their lyrics. This an album everyone should pick up.

10 / 10

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