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Hide and Creep

Directed by Chuck Hartsell and Chance Shirley (2004)
Reviewed by MaT, added on Aug 19 2005

Zombie films have become so prevalent nowadays that the genre has started to parody itself, which will inevitably cause the genre to eat its own brains and die for a decade or so until someone re-animates the genre and starts the cycle anew. Shaun of the Dead, though highly overrated, was a slickly produced Zomb-edy that packed enough gory visuals with a highly self referential wit that it became the Scream of zombie flicks, only with laughs instead of suspense. Hide and Creep will undoubtedly be compared to Shaun of the Dead for the simple reason that it's a comedy...and has lots of zombies.

The plot is minimal: a small southern town is suddenly besieged by zombies and the story follows a motley group of citizens trying to fend off the attacking flesh eaters and escape town. Obviously, this being a comedy, the main meat of this film comes in the character interactions and jokes, which are generally pretty good. For what it's worth, I laughed during this film A LOT more than I did during Shaun of the Dead. The characters themselves are more interesting and I found the dialogue to be funnier. The story is set in the south which brings instant connotations of redneck jokes, but for the most part the film stays away from delving into Jeff Foxworthy type humor. The film moves at a quick pace and the filmmakers try to milk as much of the material as possible by throwing in constant references to past zombie films.

There are some obvious downsides though. First off, this is a very low budget film. It isn't as polished or professional looking as Shaun of the Dead and that may turn off some viewers. A lot of the sound was a little off and there were times when action was happening on screen but no sound effects were provided. Perhaps the biggest complaint I have is that the film abruptly ends. It feels like the filmmakers just ran out of ideas and money and were forced to stop filming instead of taking the film to a satisfactory conclusion.

Hide and Creep is a pretty good flick. It isn't anywhere near as polished a film as it could have been, but for a low budget effort, the filmmakers did a damn fine job and delivered a film that is entertaining and fun to watch and will bring smiles and laughs. The execution isn't always there, but this is a solid effort and worth checking out for zombie lovers.

7 / 10

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