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Womens Prison Massacre

Directed by Bruno Mattei (1983)
Reviewed by MaT, added on Oct 26 2005

An exploitation film that takes place in the ridiculous "women-in-prison" genre, Womens Prison Massacre stars Laura Gemser as Emmanuelle (there's some debate as to whether this film is canon of the infamous Emmanuelle films of the 70's), an investigative reporter who is sent to prison by a corrupt political leader. While there, she is assaulted by the absolutely butt-ugly man woman of the prison, Albina. Seriously, this chick is so ugly that I literally felt my flesh begin to crawl once her "hit with the ugly bazooka" mug forced itself into the frame. This chick's more frightening than any horror flick I've ever seen. As the film goes on, four male convicts end up at the all girl prison (don't ask. It would hurt my head to explain.) and needless to say, we get rapes, beatings, sliced dicks, and lots of squib hits.

This film is pure, unadulterated, exploitative sleaze by cult director Bruno Mattei and in a strange, brain dead type of way, it works. Now don't get me wrong, this film sucks. The acting, pace, music, and story are terrible, but exploitation films can't be held to the same criteria as, say, The Godfather. You must take the film for what it is, mindless entertainment and on that level it works. This is one of those film's that you sit around and watch with a group of friends because you know the experience will be infinitely better than watching it on your own. The film is unintentionally funny and impossible to take seriously. One of the biggest reasons is the voice dubbing. The actors are already playing their parts with extreme exaggeration and the dubbing makes them look even sillier than they normally would. Somehow it amplifies the ridiculousness of the entire production.

Sex icon Laura Gemser doensn't do much here and it's easy to see why fans debate this film as being part of the "Black Emmanuelle" series. In fact, there isn't a whole lot of nudity at all. Of course, we get some obligatory shower scenes and a sex scene or two, but the skin is surprisingly low for a film in this genre. The film trys to purposely up the gore and discomfort level (the rape and torture scenes), but once again, compared to other entries in the genre, the film just doesn't measure up.

Still, if you are in the right frame of mind, Womens Prison Massacre is a fine piece of "trash" cinema. But I caution, you gotta know what you are getting into before taking a dive into something like this.

6 / 10

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