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An American Haunting

Directed by Courtney Solomon (2006)
Reviewed by Braden, added on May 14 2006

Warning Spoilers are contained within. As in I am going to tell you the end of this stupid stupid stupid movie.

This movie was terrible. Do not go see it. The only good things about it were the effects, some good scares, and the acting by Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek.

The problem is they show almost all the good effects in the previews. This movie was incredibly boring. Also the "Ghost" has a habit of opening doors to come into rooms, except at the end of the film where it does this crazy fly through all the walls in the house. Also what the hell was the point of the wolf? This wolf would just appear out of no where for no reason. They also did some really annoying things with bleeding all the color out of a shot. At first it was kind of neat but after the 15th time that it happens it's just fucking annoying.

Then there is the completely pointless and seemingly last minute tacked on bit about the present day. The daughter finds some letters about the haunting and a doll. The mother takes them away from the daughter and reads the letter by herself. That's it except where they decide to completely take you out of the movie by jumping back to pointless shots of her reading the letters. Then at the end the implications of everything happening again to the present day daughter. There is no reason for this sub plot.

At first they work up the suspense and give you some good cheap scares done really well. Then they do the exact same thing over and over and over again. It is ridiculously over done. Uh Oh, it's midnight again! Time for her sheets to be slowly drawn off the bed for the 5th time, for her to be tossed around the room for the 8th time, and for everyone in the house to bang on the door for a few minutes and then bust in for the 10th time.

Then the explanation for the whole thing was just being that the father raped the daughter and the ghost was just some sort of manifestation of her anger toward the event, or her innocence or some sort of other asinine bullshit. That too seemed completely tacked on at the very end.

I haven't been this angry about a movie since Chronicles of Riddick. I wanted to walk out, but I paid my money and i'm going to see all of the damned movie.

3 / 10

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