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Directed by Lewis Teague
Reviewed by MaT, added on Jan 1 2005

Does everyone remember hearing the urban legend as a kid about the alligator that was flushed down the toilet and grows into giant proportions down in the sewers? I certainly do. So when I sat down to watch "Alligator" I remembered the tale was scary for me as a kid. Walking by a manhole and wondering whether their was a giant alligator or snake down in the sewers. So I was actually pretty excited to watch this flick.

However, after 15 minutes I realized that things that were scary to you as a kid, seem to have a way of not being scary at all and somewhat laughable as an adult. This movie came out in 1980 and hasn't aged well at all. The picture quality is crap, the acting is typical for a crappy monster movie, and the special effects are very outdated. After a couple killings a cop (Robert Forster) is on the trail of the giant killer alligator as well as a herpetologist (Robin Riker) who is interested understand how a giant alligator could possibly exist. Throw into the mix an evil millionare who is obviously doing something dastardly and a "giant" alligator and you have a no frills b-monster movie.

I am not gonna sugarcoat it. This movie does suck and sucks bad. However, the movie doesn't seem to take itself too seriously which is always a good thing with a movie like this. The end sequence when the "giant" alligator comes out into the light will make you laugh your ass off. I think they just put a baby alligator on a scale model of a city and took some shots of it, along with some bluescreen people running and screaming. Its pretty funny. There isn't a lot of gore in the film either which was dissapointing.

If you rent this, you could do a lot worse. The movie is bad but be sure too watch it with a bunch of friends over a pizza night sometime and it should be fine.

2 / 10

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