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Hellraiser: Hellseeker

Directed by Rick Bota (2002)
Reviewed by Steve, added on Dec 2 2006

You know whatís funny? I hate New Times Roman font. I donít know why, I just do. Every time I write a review, the first thing I do in Microsoft Word is change the font to size 12 Arial font. This has nothing to do with the movie, but this review will probably be short, so just think of this as filler.

Hereís the story, the heroine Kristy from the first two Hellraiser movies has moved on with her life. Sheís all grown up now and is even married. Sadly, things just donít get any easier for her as evidenced by the fatal car accident she has in the movieís opening. Later when her husband Trevor, who was also in the accident, recovers, he finds that heís now the suspect in a murder investigation. People around him keep dying, the cenobites lurk in the shadows, and he really doesnít know whether or not heís the killer.

Throughout the movie Trevor is trying to piece together everything thatís happened to him since the crash. His wifeís body is missing and two homicide detectives are hounding him. And now, for whatever reason, he just may be in hell. Strange things begin happening. Trevor is hallucinating and can no longer distinguish between fantasy and reality. And then Pinhead makes an appearance and talks a lot. This all leads up to a semi-neat twist ending but really, the entire movie made me think this:

I really donít know why this movie is in the Hellraiser series. Pinhead is barely in the movie and the cenobites donít act veryÖ..Hellraiser-ish Öin the movie. Iím not really a gore hound. I certainly donít mind gore, in fact I welcome it. But I usually donít demand it either. But in Hellraiserís case, I expected it. Where are the chains? Where are the skinnings? The answer? Well definitely not in this movie. I actually laughed out loud in one scene where the cenobites suffocate a person with a plastic bag. These are the minions of hell, handmade by Pinhead himself. And a plastic bag is the best they can do. The entire story involving the cenobites seems to just be tacked on except for the part involving Kristy, but even then she only appears in flashbacks for 99% of the movie. The film could have easily been a separate, non Hellraiser related film, and a good one at that, but instead itís just a barely average direct to video sequel.

Next time I watch a Hellraiser movie, it better have chains and ďsuffering that will be legendary, even in Hell.Ē

5 / 10

Comments from Jeff...
I agree: Arial is where it's at. I don't hate Times New Roman, though. You know which font I really hate? Comic Sans. I guess it's a fine font, in and of itself, but I feel that people use it in situations where it's inappropriate. I had a couple teachers in college who would write up their tests in Comic Sans. Hard to take it seriously, y'know?

Wait, I should probably say something about Hellseeker... I agree with Steve's review. After part 4 (or even after part 2, if you're a snooty purist) the Hellraiser films have really gotten away from what made them great. Hellraiser has become a franchise-for-hire, a name that can be tacked onto any dark fantasy script. Just take your generic dark fantasy horror flick, throw in a few quick frames of Pinhead, call it "Hellraiser-colon-something", and it's rental gold.

Comments from Steve...
I made a mistake. There actually are some chains near the end of the movie. Guess I just lost interest by that point.

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