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Deep Rising

Directed by Stephen Sommers (1998)
Reviewed by Stevie-poo, added on Dec 3 2006

I really like this movie. Itís the way more movies should be. Full of blood, guts, one liners, monsters, hijackers, and Famke Janssen in a tank top.

Some hijackers get badass straight-to-video superhero Treat Williams to give them a lift to a luxury cruiser they plan on, well, hijacking. Little do they know that a giant sea monster has already made the boat its bitch. After wrecking his boat, Williams, his crew mates, and the hijackers find themselves trapped on the ship, trying to find the parts they need to fix their boat. And thatís about it. And really, who cares?

This movie is all about action. Explosions, gunfights, tentacled monsters finally doing something besides raping Japanese school girls, and of course, shotgun blasts to the eye. The movie doesnít skimp on the gore. Thereís just something about a group of people wandering into a room full of bloody, digested skeletons that brings a smile to my face. You see the skeletons I mentioned, people ripped in half, eaten alive, and at one awesome point, a still living, half digested guy falling out of one of the monsterís meat sacks. Glorious.

And even when they characters stop for a while and talk about current events, the cut and paste story and great one liners by Williams and his first mate keep you in the film. Plus at any given point in dialogue, anyone at anytime is just three or four sentences away from certain death. Thereís a great dynamic between all the characters, even the comic relief. The two main characters, Williams and the head hijacker go back and forth between helping each other and nearly blowing each otherís heads off. Eventually the bad guys and their would be victims must work together to try and survive. And along the way everyone beats up first mate and super nerd, Joey. Of course itís only a matter of time before the baddies revert to form.

This is just one of those fun popcorn flicks that come along once in a great while. It doesnít take itself too seriously and itís not scary in the slightest unless you have a fear of being digested (and really, who doesnít?) but it entertains on damn near every level, never missing a chance for a laugh or a death. Hell even the characters in the movie donít seem all too concerned about their friends being eaten. Just so long as they get to throw out more one liners, everyone is happy.

Fun movie. I swear thereís an invisible force that makes me watch it every time it comes on.

I don't understand why more people don't like this movie, but I'm sure the rest of the DeadLantern crew will fill me in.

8 / 10

Comments from MaT...
I always get this movie and Deep Blue Sea mixed up.

I haven't seen Deep Rising in a long time, so I'm not sure whether I liked it or not. I suppose I didn't since I probably would have remembered it if I had.

In fact, the only thing I remember is a jet ski jumping out of a ship as it blows up...unless that was Deep Blue Sea.

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