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Baby Blood (Splattercast Review)

Directed by Alain Robak (1990)
Reviewed by Jeff and Tina, added on Jan 2 2007

Note: In an attempt to update our review database, we are going to be posting a brief synopsis and comments about films we have reviewed for the Splattercast. Follow the link at the end of the "review" to go to the corresponding Splattercast for our full comments. The main review score is the average of everyone's scores.

A weird ass creature gets inside a "sexy circus performer"'s womb and demands human blood so it can grow. Jeff and Tina tackle this reported "Chunkblower" and give you the low down on Baby Blood

Jeff: 4/10
Tina: 4/10

Stick your tongue through the gap in your girls front teeth on Splattercast #17!

4 / 10

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